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  1. I would pay stupid money for a B-24H nose mod for the HB kit
  2. Haaaaa....the beloved La-5FN...I flew this more than any other fighter in the IL2 series of flight sims! Shes a good warhorse, not the best mind you, but deadly in the right hands. I have always wanted one in 1/32ns scale
  3. Lovely work! I got two Night fighters and one day fighter, all Trumpeter kits.
  4. OK! Mine is: La-5, La-5FN, La-7, ALL PLASTIC in 1/32nd scale of course. B-26 Marauder Please?
  5. Thanks Folks! SO the new B-17G Late release it is! I know of a place that has all three in stock Watch for my artwork (and others I'll do) on this site
  6. Hey folks! I have chosen my subject which is "BOBBY SOX" from the 850th BS, 490th BG. I will be doing the art work myself such as the pin up and unit markings. What I am currently having trouble with is which kit in 1/32nd scale is appropriate for BOBBY SOX which is a Vega built machine, B-17G-50-VE S/N 44-8158. Staggered waist gun positions, Cheyenne tail turret setup. But had the more pointed perplex nose versus the Boeing built machines. Does the new latest so called new "Late B-17G kit" fit this? Or the first release one as I cant find enough information. Much thanks folks!
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