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  1. Not going to be nitpicking, but this is no Daimler-Benz engine, but a Jumo (Junkers) one. Shouldn´t be hard to Google "DB 603" to find some pictures of the Heinkel´s engines.
  2. Indeed the restored He 219 shows the main engine block in unpainted metal. I hardly could imagine the professional team at Udvar-Hazy having got this wrong, so for this He 219 it should be right. I also remember a picture of a rear engine being placed into a Do 335 having the main engine block not painted. In the end I guess it´s up to you: check the reference pictures given in the Concept Note book on the He 219, or just paint the engines black. Both options should be fine.
  3. Brian, be welcome! I have changed this folder to "public" for you and others to enjoy. Please follow this link to my Me 163 pictures on Photobucket: http://s861.photobucket.com/user/Wurzacher/library/Scale%20Plastic%20Aircraft%20Modeller/Walk%20Arounds/Me%20163%20Duxford%20mein%20Copyright
  4. No IPMS judges around here where I live! So, carefree modelling! I got a picture of a unrestored Me 163 for you. I did this and a series of more pics way back while in Duxford, GB. There are more pictures on our SPAM forum site, but I hesitate to post a link here for it could not be appropriate?!?
  5. What an update! I see you placed a placard on the fuel tanks in the cockpit. "Nicht verstellen" would fit on rudders or other moving flying surfaces, but sadly not on the fuel tanks to the left and right in the cockpit. "Nicht verstellen" means "Don´t move" or Don´t adjust"...
  6. The top quality here so far shows your great skills! Very nice!!
  7. Thanks for showing your WIP here on LSP. Wouter! I wonder how you managed to get the prop hub into the propeller cowling? My parts have a wall thickness that needs a fully charged Dremel to try to thin the walls of the propeller hubs... Maybe I could try to do some vac replacements?
  8. Such a wonderful build! Wished it was mine! Simply perfect, a pleasure to study your pictures!!
  9. Just checked with a magnifier: on the samples I have Airscale has printed them on a white background. So no white background should be necessary. Alles klar, Lothar?
  10. Lee, I never denied there possibly being a market for such weights.
  11. Aside from the circular cooler your red arrows perfectly indicate where I have filled my parts with weight. Circular cooler to follow! Your engines look great in Surfacer Black 1500! I think about doing mine in Ultimate´s black primer. Looks nicely satin black, but needs no thinning and doesn´t hide the finest detail!
  12. Thank you for this link! Although my French is very crude I will check this build.
  13. Amazing! Is there a wip anywhere to read?
  14. IF it would have had a dihedral the German engineers would have mentioned this in the aircraft´s manual. A tail wing that is flat (possibly!) on the upper surface, with the lower surface of the tail wing (possibly!) tapering towards the outer face not for a long time has a dihedral. It´s simply a design feature. Wartime pictures from multiple angles are no proof at all. Nobody knows the physics of the camera and the lenses used, among other stuff. It may be a hint, but no proof. At least for me.
  15. The aircraft manual mentions the main wings having a dihedral of 6°. It does not mention dihedral of the cruxiform tail. In my understanding the manual would mention such a dihedral at the tail. So, it had none.
  16. Really nice, Bill! May I add that you could paint the four valves in red? Middle section of the IP, at the bottom? This is a re-build Do 335 instrument panel, preserved at the Dornier archive. I have seen this (and other stuff) last sunday and got permission to post this picture in public: See the four valves and their "Auf - Zu" (open - closed) marking?
  17. Good detail and progress for a week! I have seen a re-build instrument panel at the Dornier archive last sunday! What a surprise! I hope to get a picture to post this. Your IP looks great; I only would have used the single instrument decals for a better fit. The red knobs will be primed in white and then given a red colour when I do mine. Really, you made a promising start! Following with interest!
  18. This is a good restoration job done by Dornier, but regrettably not perfect. I am in close contact to the Dornier archive and got this reply on the job done back then: The restored aircraft now in Washington doesn´t conform the original paintwork in many points. Only stencils still recognizeable after the very long storage in the open and prior to paint stripping have been taken over. Many service notes have not been re-applied because they have already been missing, due to the storage or by having been being painted over after capture. Propellers and spinners have got a wrong gloss black colour, they should be painted in matte RLM 70 Schwarzgrün (black green). The rear spinner is not original, it´s a glass fibre replica. Filling pressure information for tyre and damper of the front landing gear is applied on the the left side landing gear door only (seen in direction of flight) in 20mm tall black letters.
  19. The landing gear legs are not really skinny. I have no doubt that these are beefy enough to support the finished kit. The front landing gear of the Zoukei-mura kit. It has a diameter of 4.7 mm at the left end, with 3.72mm at right. Not bad! The main landing gear. 4.37mm at left, with 3.40mm at the shock strut at right. I will try to get my hands at the metal landing gear, too. But looking at the picture on ZM´s website these are re-casts of the kit parts.
  20. Putting some weight into the front wheel is indeed what I have done: I fixed the weight with drops of super glue, then assembled the front wheel. After this I was curious how much weight I could get into the front engine: Even the small space at the pistons was easily filled with Liquid Gravity. It broke my heart, but I also removed the moulded-in piston rods from the engine parts and filled the crankcase with pieces of lead and more Liquid Weight. I have no scales here, but having the ZM engine and the HKM engine at hand I am pretty close to the last one´s weight. I am astonished to notice that the HKM crankcase is about 3.3 millimetres wider than the ZM one?!? Maybe to get more weight in?
  21. Whine? Nobody whines here. It´s just expressing one´s thoughts. Live with it or leave it. Over and out. It´s not worth a fight here. At least for me.
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