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  1. Me too....I met some very nice folks there. Having seen some spectacular WWI models there, I was inspired to carve my own laminated propeller. I think anyone could do this in this scale if they didn't mind being awash in a sea of sawdust...... The kit provides a plastic propeller which does not capture the ambiance of the laminated original made from walnut and birch. Using cherry and basswood I laminated up seven layers of wood, glued with Titebond and clamped. Titebond is an aliphatic resin glue which when dry can be sanded out to a feather edge, drilled, and carved, unlike rubbery white glue which is a polyvinyl acetate.
  2. Thanks, Brian. And I had a great time at the 2017 IPMS/USA Nats in Omaha. Give yourself a pat on the back if you had anything to do with it. Cheers! --Bob
  3. Okay, thanks Ray. What seems to work best is to go to my online Google Photo Album where these pics live, right-click the photo, and select "Copy image address" from the drop-down menu, paste it into this post, then - as if by magic - the six or seven line URL converts into an image. Wow! Just like magic! Oh, and this is the Oberürsel UR.2 rotary engine which is installed in the airframe.
  4. Okay Tim, let me try something different with my magic keyboard.... Well, it's done. My unofficial building log shows the model required 772 hours to build over a period of one year and is comprised of 4788 pieces. It proved to be one of the most challenging – and sometimes frustrating – models I’ve ever built, but it was also one that provided a great deal of fun and satisfaction. Recommended! Would I do it again? Not during this lifetime..... A left front view of the aircraft on a clear day, 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect! The model represents Dr.I, Serial number 127/17 (series production number and year of build) Werke Nummer #1838, assigned to Jasta 11 (jagdstaffel) photographed at Phalempin airdrome, France, February 1918. Richthofen achieved his 71st, 74th, and 76th aerial victories in this machine. At that time the aircraft was mostly in factory finish except for the red cowl and it was not the aircraft in which he was shot down on 21 April 1918, that one being Serial 425/17. As such 127/17 incorporates the coloring, lettering, and numbering of this Triplane as far as is possible on a structural model and this color scheme including the red cowling is based on a beautiful CAD profile by the celebrated Ronny Bar. Hasegawa 1/8 Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker. Photo taken at Land O' Lakes Aerodrome, Northern Wisconsin, USA. The aircraft is on a taxiway, but will taxi over to the grass runway before takeoff. But, then again, perhaps it needs fabric before it does this.... A right rear view illustrating the complexity of the airframe and wing structure. The fabric screen aft of the pilot’s seat which prevents cockpit airflow from blowing out the fabric on the rear fuselage shows up well here. A left rear view illustrating the difference between the wood structure of the wings and the ‘welded steel tube’ structure of the airframe. A left rear view of the aircraft at Land O’ Lakes Aerodrome, northern Wisconsin. The harsh shadows bring the wing ribs into prominence.
  5. Hi Tim, sorry it isn't working for you. This is a facebook link and hopefully you're a facebook member. Here's another URL you can try. You can left-click on the link to open it, or right-click and select either "Open link in new tab" or "Open link in new window", or you can copy the link and paste it into your browser. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2129502007069720&set=pcb.2129504057069515&type=3&theater Cheers! --Bob
  6. Thanks for all the kind words, Gentlemen: much appreciated! As a small measure of thanks - not knowing how to post images and not subscribing to Image Shack - I've pasted a link to my facebook page which shows my latest LSP. It's the 1/8 scale Hasegawa Fokker Dr.I triplane.....a kit which is guilty of many sins of omission and commission....much scratch-building, correcting, and head-banging-on-wall. If you right-click on the URL below, and then select "Open link in new window", you'll see the image. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2129502007069720&set=pcb.2129504057069515&type=3&theater Cheers! --Bob
  7. I've submitted several, and some get shunted off to other Kalmbach magazines.....but thanks...much appreciated!
  8. Thanks Kevin, it's nice to see that anyone actually read those things!
  9. Does anyone know whether Jennings Heilig still produces his 1/32 nailhead decals for the WnW Albatros kit? Cheers! --Bob Steinbrunn IPMS/USA 3345
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