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    Modeling period, I have no idea what to do with the things once I'm done with them but I love learning and the process of seeing something come together.
  1. Lovely work and thank you for sharing, I've just started mine so will be popping back for inspiration frequently Best Alex
  2. Hi Nenad, I have just started my SB2C (after a year of wondering if I can be brave enough) .. I have a question if I may that might be answered in your bottom photo on post #18. The top halves of the fuselage are more or less clean, however the bottom halves are where the pour stubs were. Cleaning these up could involve sanding into the fuselage as well as down from the pour stubs. (I hope this makes sense) .. It appears that you did what I have done so far which is to sand the pour stubs to the outer skin of the fuselage. I am wondering if you sanded in from the mating edge that much? So nice to see someone else working on this kit - great work too! Best Alex
  3. smiles .. nothing more to add, just smiling Nice -=A
  4. Peter, Always amazing, interesting, inspirational and generally fun to read and ogle at, thank you for sharing. Best Alex
  5. My WnW Snipe arrived minus the clear parts, as with HPH they did send me the replacements - but the first time they sent replacement pe - which I didn't need .. overall that took two months and was also an expensive kit, however it was also an amzing and truely challenging kit to build .. I think it's more likely that we see errors when it's not mass made, computers processing parts do a more consistent job of it. Or I may well have just had a run of bad luck. John B .. good to know your's look fine. I would suggest, if I may, that you spend a the time going through matching parts to the kit instructions. It took a few days in between other things and that particular sheet from part 59 onwards was confusing for me compared to the instructions. In part this also could be that the shots for the parts list are top down which can make them harder to match up when you look at them in context. I think it was also beneficial in terms of getting used to the kit and working out which parts of the instructions to do in different orders than suggested..
  6. Peter, As usual lovely to see and inspiring .. thank you for sharing. Best Alex
  7. Hello After returning to the hobby a couple of years ago, mostly because my wooden ship models take so long that I wanted to complete things at a faster pace, I am just embarking on HPH's Helldiver. I have to admit I'm a little daunted by the whole thing so have decided to have it as a "third build in progress" meaning that I'll work on it while I have nothing to do on other builds generally. I have the fortune in a sense that both fuselage halves we're slightly damaged in my kit, HPH have replaced them, meaning I have a couple of large complex bits to practice with and possibly spares in case I mess something up along the way. So far the advice to look ahead seems agreed and makes a lot of sense, I am cleaning up the parts and leaving a little extra resin in areas that seem to make sense. I will try and build as much of the model without glue before I actually stick anything together. I got the G Factor gear and it seems far better than what was provided with the kit, however the kit its self if rather impressive to my relatively inexperienced eye. I am waiting on some reference material and information from the person I am kind of building it for (her grandfather flew on in WW2 and I'd like to finish it as closely to that particular plane if I am able). Any advice beyond what can be found here would be very welcome. Best Alex
  8. HI Peter and all of those of you have contributed to the thread to make it one of the most entertaining and inspiring things I've read, I think ever. I managed to read through this entire thread and the Tiger thread over the last days (I think it took four as there is so much there to read ) ... It been amazing experiencing the highs, lows and learning curves as well as the ease at which yo seem to switch between mediums, learn new things, have the persistence to rework when you aren't happy with something (that I think the rest of us would already be ecstatic with) and come back from shelves crashing down on precious months of incredible work. Thanks for sharing and I hope that when I get my first WIP thread up that I am lucky enough to see some of the same support from what appears to be a wonderful community. ps while I've been modeling for nearly 40 years I can't imagine reaching the heights that most of you here achieve - but I'm inspired by all of you (especially Peter) to try. Best Alex
  9. Hi Paul and everyone else here (newbee) Great thread and the only information I can find anywhere at this point in terms of a build log. Thank you for putting this up! I have just started on my HPH SBC2-4, it seems like a great kit and with a few exceptions something that with some care will turn out pretty nice. I'm not an expert modeler but feel comfortable tackling this beast, a friend of mine's grandfather flew an SC2C-4, so I hope to make this for her and then work out how to send it from Denmark to Georgia intact. I have a question and an observation if I may. Observation: The parts don't all match up with the instructions, one (part 60) appears to have been removed/new mold created and a few others which I can detail if requested are mixed up. Most are different enough looking that it shouldn't cause a problem, however parts 67 and 72 are tagged the wrong way round and could lead to confusion. I'm cleaning the parts up in the order they show up in the instructions in order to get familiar with everything before I start building, so I've only discovered a small number of issues so far. I guess the main thing is to ensure you check everything thrice and then a few more times. Question Have you completed the seats and their PE, I'd love to see a complete example before I tackle these? I'm sure there will be more as I move through the different stages, I'll be working on it while making others as I think this will be one that I'll need a break from, from time to time. Best Alex
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