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  1. After the main black/blue filter. That's how the light color should look like. Lots of masking now....
  2. Hi! That's crazy wicked good, man! Congrats!
  3. I have to share a clip I watched a while ago...
  4. I'll definitely need some time to enjoy it like it is right now glossy and sparkling... Btw, the agenda for painting is slightly different from the initial one. I just got the new mig gloss lacquer and it turned out that it is originally waaaaay diluted as it is out of the bottle. so it leaves a very nice wet coat. i should experiment on that lacquer + water based temper paints for the main color and the filtering.
  5. After the metalizers - Dark Aluminium and Duraluminium: The panel lines are slightly scribed just to allow me to orientate easily within the parallel things...
  6. The Surfacer - before and after: It's already with metalizers, but will take pics tomorrow at sunlight.
  7. Oh yes, oh yes! These lights surprised me indeed. Quite interesting and complex and realistic. And the model is just Phabulous!
  8. Thanks aircommando! This sounds epic, especially the first one I love dioramas.
  9. Noooooooice! Looks fabulous and awesoooome!
  10. 10x Dany Boy! Btw check out my facebook albumbs with the Parked and In-flight photoshoot when it was still without the weathering: https://www.facebook.com/milan.mitev.7/media_set?set=a.1463650750337895.1073741846.100000789522018&type=3 https://www.facebook.com/milan.mitev.7/media_set?set=a.1462139703822333.1073741845.100000789522018&type=3 there are more pics
  11. Well, i don't have quite much to say about the previous pics.... but it's finaly weathered and i took some while it's still fresh after the weathering. This is after an overal salt treatment; a very light postshading and imitation of streaks with OPs; some very very subtle pin-wash mostly along the moveable "parts"; and a very very light coat of satin gloss over a few/separate panels; and after some sponge dabbing to create larger wethered ares. Here is it, in flying mod. Btw i'll post only a couple pics here and the most in the first post so that there are still some visible pics on the first page. Enjoy guys! Thx check out the first page/first post for more...
  12. Nice! Awesome weathering! This point of view in the pics make it look very fast
  13. Very sparkingly clean to my taste, but it's wonderful! I like these constrasts! GJ
  14. These nozzles look like they jumped out from a real movie..... i'm speechless indeed. Perhaps the light settings do a lot of the effect, but they look wonderful! I could only imagine how this Falcon would look like with some more tear and wear.... If you leave it clean - it would be also phenomenal. Nice! GJ! Keep on going and posting!
  15. Hi gents! Happy New forum, and here are some new silhouettes as well. It was a lot of gluing, filling, drying, sanding, with numerous repeats. Finally it's just about ready for priming. The top side: And the bottom side: Some fine sanding and a soapy bath, and Mr.Surfacer is just around the corner
  16. oh wow! the update is awesome! i especially like the opt for several emotion buttons.
  17. Oh man. That puts it high on the best cockpits views. I can almost see the numbers... Absolutely captivating!
  18. Juicy juicy! What a shine! Surreal, but nice.
  19. I edited another "little" nose issue. I don't know if this was in my kit only, but i noticed some kind of a warp or a dihedral curve along the sharp part of the leading edge, symmetrical on both sides, and that curve followed a perfect shape on the top as well as bottom half of the fuselage.On the real plane that sharp part of the leading edge is impeccably straight, and this is easily noticeable on every single pic i have. Just an example: So here is the top fuselage part and the leading edge, viewed at as close as possible to 0 degree angle - this is the port side leading edge: and there, the same with the starboard side leading edge. I traced the warp with a red line: After gluing the 2 halves, and with using quite some force, the warped edges are straight as they should be. This does not affect the other coplex shapes of the leading edge. The pics are quite zoomed....
  20. This is beauuuriful ! The contrasting paint scheme and the weathering of the tail... Superb!
  21. Oh, that's some serious weathering and finish. Awesome Tornado! Congrats!
  22. It's from the leveling thinner. 1:1 sound pretty thin. Try adjusting the amount of leveling thinner until you nail it between splattering and web effect. I always eyeball it, but could say the Surf is something like 55-60-65 % ... Just a drop more than the 50/50
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