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  1. aircooled_nut

    CAC Boomerang

    Fantastic Build, as with all your subjects! Phil.
  2. I just came across this thread, from what I saw on google seach (Pictures)....Amazing! Any chance of reloading the pics back into this thread? I'm thinking of doing a 1/32 PC-21M
  3. aircooled_nut

    Here's a look at a 1/16 scale scratch built AT-38B Talon

    This is a Fantastic build! I suppose its too much to ask to have the photo's reloaded into this thread because of Photobuckets recent Backstabbing! I think this is great reference to make me want to try this! Cheers Phil.
  4. Holy .........(ad expletives)!!! My goodness, just came across this!! Amazing the talent of people in this world! Respect!!!!! Hats of to you my good fellow!
  5. aircooled_nut

    Aussie FAC in Vietnam. Cessna Bird Dog FINISHED!

    Awesome as always! Phil.M
  6. aircooled_nut

    Sprue Brothers Update 10-18-18 see last post for Update!!

    Hi Gary, I notice you have a couple types of Exhausts for the F-15. I'm planning to build the 1/32 Tamiya F-15E and convert it to the RSAF F-15SG and noticed they have the 'F-110- GE-129' engines. Do you have anything that would help me out? Cheers Phil.
  7. aircooled_nut

    RAAF CAC Sabre. Finished. Thankyou Brick!

    Holy Crap....Just came across this thread, Awesome work Eric! I'm speechless on the mods you have done! Outstanding is an understatement! Keep it up! Cheers Phil.
  8. aircooled_nut

    Largest Aftermarket Radial Engine

    That's great information guys, Looks like I have a bit more research to do now! Cheers. Just have to decide which kit will work best in my favor!
  9. aircooled_nut

    Largest Aftermarket Radial Engine

    Thanks for that...yes sorry Trumpeter. Thanks also for the add to the forums too!
  10. aircooled_nut

    Largest Aftermarket Radial Engine

    I was wondering who does the largest scale radial engine, I'm trying to track one down in at least 1:24 scale? I know the Airfix Zero has one, but a little expensive for just the engine. Does anyone do aftermarket resin casts? Cheers Phil.