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    Particularly interested in UK military aviation through the years and aircraft in preservation.
  1. I'm sure I've a scanned copy of the 1/72nd Aviation News drawings. Drop me a PM with your details and I will try and get them sent later this evening if they are of interest.
  2. Not just Xtradecals. We (RAM Models) are already rescaling our first UK Phantom decal sheet and our other British Phantom sheets that are already in the works are getting the same treatment.
  3. I'm the same side as you. I'm based in Ernesford Grange ................or as all my official post insists on stating Binley. I thought it was ok. I like the aircraft types that they operate. The Dove in particular put on a great display. It was just a little slow paced with big gaps to keep the children entertained. The Nimrod also didn't help viewing for the little people. The positive though is the seeds have been sown and Cosford looks a go for our family
  4. A very good actor. Made for the role of Skipper as that gruff doesn't suffer fools yet at the same time fatherly personality. Only realised today that he stars briefly in Dam Busters. Can't believe I missed that one.
  5. A brilliant subject and I had no idea that it was available in kit form. Looking forward to seeing how this one progresses.
  6. I am indeed based in Coventry. Are you local as well ? Presently keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is ok for the air show tomorrow. Taking the kids to their first display.
  7. How many time have I told you - never fly straight and level for more than 30 seconds in a combat area! It is indeed Skippers aircraft. I think you need to do one
  8. It's on the list as a possible scheme to do but............I can't say when. There are other sheets I would like to do first. We are well on the way with the artwork of this one focussing on MH434. Titled "Supermarine Spitfire MK.IX MH434 On Film And TV" it is printed to our normal high standards and features the following markings. MH434 wearing spurious serial N3310 and codes AI A, used for filming United Artists "Battle Of Britain" Film, 1969 MH434 wearing NS L codes used during filming of the ITV Television series "Piece Of Cake" , 1988 MH434 wearing spurious CK D codes. Used for filming BBC ITV programme "A Perfect Hero". 1991 MH434 wearing spurious codes WO A. Used for filming the BBC TV programme "Over Here". 1996
  9. Hubert possibly the best comment I have ever read in relation to one of our products. Thank you for making me and my wife laugh so much this morning. Thank you Mike for the comments as well. A tricky line to balance what I personally would want to build with what the market place wants. The Spit decals have been surprisingly popular tbh. Hopefully our planned products will also impress as well.
  10. Possibly the most famous Spitfire in the world ? Many believe so. Spitfire MH434 is a legend having seen active service in WW2 and has been a regular on the airshow circuit and on film & TV. This sheet includes full markings to model MH434 in her most well know civil scheme. The decals are designed around the Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire & are printed by Fantasy Printshop. This is the first of our sheets to feature MH434 with more planned for release shortly. Available to purchase from us at www.rammodels.co.uk
  11. RAM Models presents its first decal. Printed for us by Fantasy Printshop this sheet is the first time this Hawk special scheme has been covered by a manufacturer. Covering the BAe Systems Hawk T.1 2007 Special Scheme the sheet gives full markings and stencils so one model can be made. Two aircraft wore this scheme and we have included the serials for both airframes. Available to purchase from www.rammodels.co.uk
  12. Do all Super spatted and cowled Stearmans feature a set of ailerons on both the upper and lower wings ?
  13. I have to say that I am hugely tempted to start buying a few of your products. I became hooked on RAF between the war biplanes when I was fortunate to see the then yet to fly Hawker Demon restoration at Skysport. Fabulous looking machine. The Bulldog model is mouth watering.
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