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  1. If these images can be seen - they are of my on-going 1/32 Tamiya Phantom F-4J conversion - stalled for a couple of years so far. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157550263360673&id=625325672
  2. Thank you Tony - next, how do I attach images from my phone?
  3. Here's a couple of videos that will help as it shows the main wings being split and removed from the fuselage for transportation from RAF Leuchars to UAS in Northern Ireland https://youtu.be/nmUvs-047Ek https://youtu.be/IGxX8E1s7Jo
  4. Here's an interesting vid of abandoned/saved RAF Phantoms https://youtu.be/1ipgn1o2_3c
  5. A youtube video of an FGR2 Walk Around with Paul Wright. https://youtu.be/jTT2np3-cbY
  6. Has anyone obtained/reviewed the F-4 Phantom II book below as to its accuracy in its plan drawings? https://www.aeroteca.com/en/military-1975-to-1990/5917-mcdonnell-douglas-f-4-phantom-ii-1-48-scale-drawings-dvd.html
  7. Hi Ali, I was one of those eagerly awaiting your news at the Telford show, alas HLM trumped it and you decided against proceeding. A great shame in my view. Is there any chance that you'll reconsider as to be honest I don't have any faith in HKM delivering on their promise?
  8. Well stated Dave I fully agree with your comments. It is disappointing to have such an eagerly waited announcement made and then just be left in the wilderness regarding updates. Would it really be so difficult for someone within the HKM team to provide an update? HKM's announcement put paid to the release of the planned resin conversion, yet here we are 3 1/2 years later and none the wiser. How about it then HKM hiw about putting some thought and effort into an update, after all we are your market - for now?
  9. Is there any actual update regarding the progress of the kit's development or potential time scale?
  10. Is there any further news on development yet, last I heard was from Telford that its likely to be 2018 but not how far things have got?
  11. Many apologies for asking a topic specific question and showing interest in the project, my mistake, I had not realised that it was on a 'need to know basis' after all it is people like me that will be expected to part with a considerable sum of money to purchase the kit once released. I am assuming that they will not be given away? To quote the first comment made in this matter: Jennings Heilig, on 06 Oct 2015 - 01:14 AM, said: Now, here we are in May of 2016 and I would have thought that the great interest shown in this project that there may have been an update or two on progress, unfortunately it seems that asking this question is not warranted judging by the answers given. Still, I am pleased to read that the project is still on-going and not shelved for the time being and that other projects are not taking precedence as the rumours have indicated. So all that is left to do is await the release of the kit in the fullness of time once the other projects are completed of course. Its a shame that the resin conversion set that was to be announced was not followed through on, cancelled due to the HKM project announcement.
  12. Hi those in the know. Is there any update on how the design and kit is progressing? Rumours seem to be saying that it has been shelved/delayed in preference to other projects, is there any truth in this?
  13. This is 1/48 related but I know many of you also model in this scale. A guy in Greece, Ted Antonop has produced some fabulous upgrades for the Hasagawa/Revell kit (although I'm sure they can be adapted to fit other brands) He has created a Spey engine along with a separate afterburner can set, he's also done superb seamless intakes along with front turbine blades. His next project is going to be a cockpit set so I expect that will be equally superb. They can be ordered directly from him at: geraki14@yahoo.com https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2v0mx5p9w7osjxa/AAAKXDxyW4CKjxEYNLVrv0Fca?dl=0 He has also expressed an interest in upscaling the items to 1/32 which is the actual reason for this post
  14. In a discussion about this project elsewhere, is there an idea of the price range/bracket that the kit is looking to be sold for?
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