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  1. Pappy915

    Next Tamiya 1/32 is

    Love to see a Kate and Val. I could never understand why they never did one. Pretty sure they would sell well.
  2. Pappy915

    New resin fillet tail for new Revell P-51D!

    Saw this on FB also. Been thinking about getting it. Looks like a pretty decent piece.
  3. Pappy915

    Battle of Britain Spit

    In the final stages of Revells 32 nd Spit. The fit was great. Looking forward to getting my 51 soon from Tower Hobbies. These new Revell kits are worth the money. Did the 190 also with no fit issues.
  4. Pappy915

    Where is the new Revell P-51D-5NA

    Pre otrdered from a Tower Hobbies also. Looked the other day and said the end of January.
  5. Pappy915

    Helldiver ... in the work

    Looking forward to seeing more.
  6. Pappy915

    Looking for decals for 1/35 nva

    Thank you,got them. You saved my butt.
  7. Pappy915

    Looking for decals for 1/35 nva

    Tried them,could get them to work right. Ruined the set I got.
  8. What I need is the stars. They are yellow on a red background with a yellow boarder. Can anyone help. In a real hurt to find these. And I only need 2. Thanks, John
  9. Great work so far. I’ve done a couple of these for clients and the fit is not the best. Keep it up looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Would love to see a 1/48 sheet with The Proud American. A-1H. I can only hope.
  11. Pappy915

    A, B, C, or D??

    Voted for A
  12. I know your pain with the seat belts. I pick my eyes off the bench every time I do a set. It would be a great idea to sell these completed for us old guys. Great work so far,looking forward to more.
  13. Thanks for the info on masks. John
  14. Looks great. Have a couple on the way for commission builds.Your build answered allot of questions I had. Could I talk you into making a couple of masks sets for me? I am willing to buy. Thanks looking forward to seeing it done. John
  15. Pappy915

    Looking for a member P-61A Builder

    Thanks for the reply. Thats what I was looking for. Have a great week. John