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  1. Anyone interested in ordering a limited sheet of a Canadian Norad Hornet .The run will be limited to 20 copies .You can checkout the scheme in the non lsp forums here on this site Andrew
  2. Anyone interested in these in 32 scale .Fishbone is willing to do a run of 20. so if we can get 19 others interested in them he will do them .Cost will be about 40 dollars plus shipping .Pricey but one of a kind and he does nice work Andrew
  3. i feel a bit guilty , but order in .tks for the great stuff Jake Andrew
  4. Fishbone ,did you get my payment ok ? Andrew
  5. Jake , are you still thinking of doing this sheet Andrew
  6. Jake , do it .im in for sure Andrew
  7. Luca , get in touch with him , he will ship outside the US andrew
  8. An RF8 Crusader would be a big seller , unavailable in any scale . Bring it on Paul !
  9. id love to see a line jet from VMFA 225 VIKINGS myself .i love marine hornets ! andrew
  10. good stuff dave .we need some black tailed Death from the Darkness Bats too ! andrew
  11. strez

    modern helmets

    thanks people , guess ill start grinding some heads ! think ill take guys advice and contact the Aerobonus folk and see if they will produce helmets only cheers andrew
  12. strez

    modern helmets

    i think helmets sitting on the sill or seat of jets look very cool and give a sense of scale , hopefuy one of the resin folk will produce some . i think they would be popular andrew .
  13. strez

    modern helmets

    ive seen 1/48 helmets , but not the right ( 32nd ) scale
  14. strez

    modern helmets

    sorry , no , scale helmet and i mean multi ejector racks
  15. couple questions , does anyone make helmets and are there any after market mers available .i dont even recall if any of my kits have mers cheers andrew
  16. hey ski , nice one .did you use eduard etch for the ip and did you mask around the tomcat decal after you put it on , looks good . i see harold has some wheels for this , trumpeters suck cheers andrew
  17. what type of putty should i use on zactos resin tomcat intakes .im thinkin its prop different than putty used for for styrene andrew
  18. hey dave , any news on these , or anything else . your sheets rock
  19. strez

    tamiya f16

    bill , whats an RB nose .The tires look good ,although i hear they may be a little too flat , what do you think .And hey Zero77 , nice job on your israeli bird !
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