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  1. When I went travelling around Asia in 2010, I come back with a very-pain low back ache... it came and went, but got to the point where I had to go see a Dr. I got fobbed off with tablets, but it soon got worse. I moved out the area, and went to a new Drs (not for my back but we just moved house). Same thing again, got fobbed off but my back was getting worse. Turned out to be a bulging disc, but it wasn't touching any nerves, and no one could pin point where the pain came from.. yet by this point I was a cripple, it was getting worse by the week. The short side of the story is, I had a nerve burning operation on the disc to get rid of the pain, now before this I had NO leg pain, none what so ever. I came away from that operation worse off. I was getting electric shocks up and down my back randomly at any time which were throwing me to the floor and resulting in my balling my eyes out through pain. Not something I do usually, as my pain threshold is quite high. But this was another level. Now I had back ache all over from shoulders to my bum, and now both legs in a lot of pain, deep down, all day every day... I've now been like this for about 6 years, feels longer, maybe it is as I haven't kept track of dates... i've been on morphine all the way through it, it doesn't help but it does take the edge off my pain. I've tried all tablets possible.. gabapentin, pregabalin, amitriptyline, tramadol etc... but the real s**t thing is i'm allergic to anti inflammatory tablets. I've had every treatment possible... nothing really helps, I've had steroid injections, Acupuncture, 2 weeks in hospital on a course to help me manage my pain, endless visits to the hospital... and now i've given up. I was on 80mg of morphine a day, but I've reduced it down to 20mg because i'm sick of the side effects, but now i'm in more pain than ever before. Once I'm off it fully I have no idea what I'm going to do. On top of this, I run a business, my wife is now a mum as we become parents last September. Working is OK in short spells (we have someone working for us which is a massive relief), it's when I finish my pain just gets worse through the night, sleepless nights, then back into work, repeat, repeat. I would say my pain is at about 80% most of the time, if it gets worse I crumble, I find a seat and curl up and shut my eyes, I had no idea the body could cause so much pain, it's so so bad, I feel sorry for those who are in worse situations, as I manage, just, but I know people who don't. Good luck for anyone else like this on here, I feel sorry for you, hope you get sorted as I wish I will one day. edit - I will read back through the thread, seen some stuff mentioned. Like ice for pain, sadly it don't work for me, but heat does... and the weird thing is I hear people saying ice works for them and heat doesn't, it's like my pain is back to front..
  2. Under the Red Star without a doubt, gutted it's not had many votes though... but looking at the one leading, I can build something for that.
  3. This is back on the bench, I never posted about it but after painting the cockpit, somehow I 'lost' a side wall... which really P'd me off! Nearly a year on, and honestly don't ask me how.. I found the said sidewall in my camera bag, hidden within a crease at the bottom... and i'm baffled how it got there as my camera bag don't go into my garage, and my camera bag is very rarely opened fully to show the bottom (it's like a giant rucksack camera bag...) So finding that the other day, I got it all back out, and got cracking.... fuselage should all be butted up very soon.. photos to follow!
  4. What a lovely model, well done!
  5. Would of loved a UB, but I *need* this conversion.
  6. What's the problems with the FLY kit? Always fancied one being a Luftwaffe Jet..
  7. That SEAT!!!!! Sorry, I'm only just catching up..... WOW!! Peter, you are insanely good at this. Regardless of it being a larger scale, your work is flawless.
  8. Thanks all for the replies, I've been away all week and my minds been drifiting at other B-17's, (fire bombers still) so the Bat Plane isn't final, but will have a good think as the build progresses.. I've plenty to get on with before I can make up my mind. I have done some work on it while I've been away, I just haven't had time to get any decent photos which I shall hopefully tonight. Thanks for looking in!
  9. And update from today..... departure for the display validation over RAF Cosford and arrival back into RAF Shawbury.
  10. Thanks everyone.... can't wait to get cracking... found out early this morning that i'm going away next week now instead of my b'day week, so no updates for a bit sadly! I did think about this, not to worried about the waist gun positions, but the stinger tail I had thought about drawing around the Revell B-17F parts and upscaling, then scratch building my own... but I now wonder if I can buy the tail parts... Food for thought. Cheers mate for the input!
  11. The HKM B-17's come with a wall mount, not an option no? Regarding the B-17G.... a WIP up - https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=75376&hl=
  12. I have been after this B-17G since it got released, and now finally the time has come. I would never build it as a bomber, as good and how great they look war torn... it's 'just not me'. I love Fire Bombers, people know me to love Russian stuff and I do, but Fire Bombers are my second passion. Enter the HKM B-17G, and the bat plane, N66573. Photo/Artwork by Boeing (obviously) And the boxart & contents. It's going to be a long road, so bare with me... I have a vacform Tracker on the bench, Two Flankers (48th), a P-3, DC-6 & CL-215 in 1/72nd. ......But boy i'm excited.
  13. I mentioned a few pages back about ordering the B-17G from HKM, well that fell through as the price with postage was £300+... and as much as I wanted this kit, I need to draw a line having already got a few kits over £300-400.. so I carried on looking, then I popped into Kingkit to pick up something else and what does he have on the floor.. a 1/32nd HKM B-17G... so I asked "is that second hand and for sale" Yeah he says, interested...? "YEP!" (By the way, it's as good as brand new inside, all in sealed bags still so i'm well happy with that) I paid £240, which i'm happy with... and it's huge and bloody lovely!
  14. Seen today..... Video (make sure you click on the HD option...) and a photo, luckily and surprisingly, we had 4 passes from this MiG today on it's arrival into RAF Shawbury.
  15. I guess no news is good news? I want the Su-33, I really do.... even though I have a rule of only owning 1/32 twin seater Russian made aircraft (no singles), this will be an exception, and a Su-57 if we ever get one, and a MiG-25....
  16. I have one of these, but sadly some of the frame work is broke in several places... which is really annoying given how fragile it is... look forward to seeing one built anyway!
  17. Love that Twin Cub! Also love how there is lots more Russian types on the tables, something I wish we had more of in the UK..
  18. Background colour is playing havoc with the WB, Quang hit the nail on the head.
  19. Being the Russian/Soviet addict that I am, I have lots of Russian kits in 1/144th, 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd... however, my 1/32nd kits are only two seaters, so the Su-25UB, MiG-21UM, Su-30MKK etc.... I would love single seaters, but space would become an issue... I would love the Su-33 and Su-57 however, i'd break my rule for them! I'm currently building two 1/48th Su-30MKK's at the moment, once I have some photos I'll get a WIP thread up...
  20. Looks to me the wings are together and will be sold like that? You can see clear resin between the joins and i'm guessing it's not been thrown together like that for the photos, like my 1/72nd Modelsvit An-124 fuselage and wings... same thing, minimal clean up and a bit of car filler. The only difference being is the 124 has scribed detail and the C-47/DC-3 has raised... so a little bit of extra work, but, as others have said, it's the nature of the beast. Enjoy it.....
  21. Yeah I don't care about accuracy, mines going to get chopped anyway..
  22. I'm thinking I could upscale the Matchbox kit as a guide if I can't get any drawings, I really want a 1/32nd Privateer..
  23. You want a HUAWEI P20... These aren't my images, but samples to show just how great this phone camera really is... click on them for the full size. This *is* my next phone.
  24. The video is a few years old, but there is about 60 left flying from the 1,011 built. Lots of the accidents were due to weather of pilot error sadly, vew few due to the aircraft it self.
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