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  1. Tom, Eurocarparts do a small selection for delivery (some out of stock/some can be ordered in). Not sure if the Hycote stuff is 'too hot', but i'm sure from memory the plastic primer is OK for kits... sure i've used this in the past with no issues. https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/hycote-grey-primer-400ml-552776101
  2. Can't wait for the Z-37... dream come true! Might as well do a Wilga also so you can get the most from the engine...
  3. Same plastic as far as i'm aware.
  4. Would be very happy with that...
  5. Would 100% get a 1/32nd Tigercat in plastic...
  6. Will buy one to sit on... lovely aircraft and a great scale for it. Here's one I shot back in October 2018.
  7. That's a real shame it's not flying now? I caught her in Belgium a couple of years ago.. Would love to build it.
  8. Another vote for Tamiya... love that primer. I've no need to try anything else.
  9. I've had a bit of a mad year already this year (and making the most of my busy period within work..), having sold off a lot of my stash a year ago and having sold off some kits I probably won't be able to replace (they were quite rare), so I've just bought some stuff that I have a big interest in... unusual, German and Russian/Soviet types. This is it now for a long time... Only 1 LSP though, the He-219... but what a lovely kit. Amodel Sukhoi T-4 1/72 Myasishchev M-50 1/72 Bobcat IL-28 1/48th Bronco German oil drums 1/48th Dragon
  10. Love Thailand.... hope you had a great time there! Awesome work on the P-51 though, Peter... just gutted that I may not see it this year. I could be away at this years Telford.. Looks so nice with the markings and stuff on it now.. top drawer..!
  11. Not usually one to pick up errors but it has been said before.. now we've got clearer photos it' quite obvious. The curve on the top of the fuselage, too round... still I will get one.. Could try and square it off, and have the front canopy open to save correcting the clear parts, then not to sure what to do with the back clear parts though...
  12. Progress, finally... Have got the wing done bar the flaps and slats... really happy with the finish, just a little bit of detail to scribe back in. Fit wasn't great, taken a lot to smooth it in as you can see by the large Mr.Surfacer areas. Light coat of primer to check it out and I can now move onto the fuselage and close it up.
  13. Will have a set off you Iain when it comes out... not got the kit still, but will get one once I have this. Nice to see it back out!
  14. Hi, Kais. I'm just building it as per instructions, moving the rads more inboard and filling in the originals... it's a good conversion and gives me good practise. I've got nearly all the wings done now.. it's not been easy but some time here and there and it's slowly come together. I will get some photos up in the next day or two. Thanks, Rick. Once this is done i'll be jumping onto my Planet Models Fw-190C (V-18/U-1) Kanguru conversion..
  15. It's sickening seeing this on the news here in the UK and not beng able to help..., so sad, the lives lost, homes and businesses lost, people moving to beaches to stay safe... and the biggest loss, the amount of animals.
  16. Too many to copy and paste... So a direct link to Hannants 1/32nd future releases by ICM https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?adv=1&product_category_id=103&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=8060&product_type_id=all_aircraft_kits&code=&scale_id=953&keyword_search=&setPerPage=25&sort=0&search_direction=0&restore_search=&save_search_active=yes&save_search_name=&save_search=&arrival_date=2
  17. Nice!! Will get one of them... any ideas on size??
  18. Finally bought a LSP! Revell's lovely Me-262 B1/U1 1/32nd Just want a MENG Me-163 and Fly Arado now..
  19. It's been well over a year since I've been at my bench, I've been a busy boy through 2019... but now back at it and working on some kits. Dug this out and finally got the wings on the main resin part. More to follow soon.. should be at the bench quite a bit now until the new year.
  20. Not really got an interest in this, unless I could build a tanker...
  21. Didn't get much at Telford, but I did buy - Amodel 1/72nd IL-78 Grand Models 1/72nd PZL M-18 fire bomber Eastern Express 1/144th Mi-6
  22. That's just awesome. I would love to see all these builds in person one day... just unreal!!
  23. As I said before, only going Sunday but would love to catch up with a few people. Will have my camera with me as usual, so I will try and get as much as I can in on the day!
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