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  1. Will there ever be a 32 kit ??? Love the build!!! Question - didn't Swedish volunteers fly the Whirlwind in the WW2??
  2. Hmm isn't summer upthere? If not we are in trouble
  3. Just blame it on the cold - I can't even pickup a box as it's too cold
  4. That's the one I used for my base - still working on start working on the P-40, but it is on the bench
  5. Pretty much every picture I have seen of the J9 has the windows in the baggage hatch
  6. Someone here (building a stuka) a long time ago posted a song that I can't get out of my head!!!! Credits to whoever that was!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2ULy8zxj_Y Not sure how to post youtube things ..
  7. Thanks guys - if I can't find the rudder I'll make a new one, but not until I have gone through the whole floor Once I cleaned up the mess it's on to the P-40 to complete my marsden mat dio
  8. BTW anyone building this with MDC (or what ever it's called) conversion - don't pick it up by the body, as the float is really heavy and can (as it did) come lose - that's why the rudder is missing and I'm still looking for that - has to be in the room somewhere, if the cat didn't eat it?!?! Some build pics And to anyone building a rufe with the MDC thingy - build the body first before even start on the lower wing, I didn't and the float support part is out by a degree which means that the engine and all the mounts are the same - so I had to break off the little fla
  9. Hi guys, Finally manage to finish this one - took me a couple of years off and on but it's done! If nothing else - Elvis the Peacock seems interested Cheers Bengt
  10. Building a rufe myself - with the Tamyia and the resin Rufe conversion from MDC. But the weather down here is a bit on the cold side so I have lots of problems getting glue and plastic to stick together properly! One thing you might want to consider is to use the landing gear screws to attach the external float supports as I manage to break both support plugs off as the resin is a bit soft - seems to work as at least they haven't fallen off yet Will be following this one ... Bengt
  11. Thanks guys - I did dip/brush them in future but something must have reacted with them as they are looking really blasted from the time I took the masks of! BTW Kev, prepare yourself for some bad weather, it's artic uphere today and guess you'll get it in a day or two!
  12. Hi all, Here is my latest - OOB and only problem I had was the clear parts that for some reason turned out to sand blasted (guess that could have happen in the desert?!?) Cheers Bengt
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments .. Nic I can't really remember where I got the psp base, either I bought it from Sprue Brothers or from Ebay but it's a long time ago. It comes unpainted in a yellow tinted resin. Cheers Bengt
  14. Of course .. I would be honoured! Bengt
  15. hi guys, finished my SBD sort of, lost a lot of my the clear parts and the pilot bar to the carpet monster and I been looking for hours and hours but they just don't pop back up! this is what I was inspired from! Here is the build! Cheers Bengt
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