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  1. Now we are just missing the B-26 of the WW2 light bombers........
  2. Im looking forward to build a CIA-machine from the bay of pigs action...... :-)
  3. Hi Dave. What about a small 1/18 sheet for the Hobbyboss harrier?
  4. Norway could have had the UH-60 but the silly sods bought the nh90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that helicpter dosent work!!
  5. Volks USA dont ship to Norway and they are the only one who have the figure.
  6. Where can i buy the Zoukei Mura 1/32 Skyraider pilot?
  7. Just had to have it, so i ordered it today..... :-)
  8. You should have done the ac col. Edison Miller was shot down in from VMFA 323...... :-)
  9. They are all beautiful and im going to buy them!!! VMFA 323 are av favourite!!
  10. I bought them a while ago, and planning to build 106.
  11. Thank you very much for this list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I would love a report from this years Toy Fair!! Any good news for us big scale modellers?
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