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  1. All done, I'll mount it on a base/case in the next day or two and get some better quality photos for the Ready for Inspection model forum. Thank you to everyone who helped and contributed to this project.... I want to build another now!
  2. Sorry for the delay in updating this thread! I finally got round to doing a bit more work and completed the inboard pylons and bomb racks, the bombs will be the inert blue/green concrete practice bombs which were very common on FGR2s. I originally wanted to show the model with 4 x AIM-9Gs and 4 x 'live' 1000lb bombs, but I couldn't find a single photo anywhere of this load-out which suggests that it was not an armament option due to the role? After modifying the kit pylons, I used two sets of the Flightpath 1/32 TERs to make up the RAF version of the triple ejector rack known as the the CBTE, and a set of their 1000lb GP bombs with 117 tails. Perhaps not 100% accurate, but they look convincing enough. Extra detail was added using resin cast bolt heads and panel pins for the sway brace bolts, along with some plastic rod and copper wire.
  3. Hi, I'm working on a mid 70's green/grey RAF FGR2 Phantom, and need some advice re weapons load outs. The plan is to fit 4xAIM-9G missiles, and 4x1000 retarded GP bombs on the same (inboard) pylons on TERs. I've not ever seen a photo of this, but was it an option? I may do it 'just for show' but would prefer it to be accurate! Any help really appreciated.
  4. Oh lovely photo Derek! The 43 Sqn zap on the splitter plate is on the decal sheet, but there are others that don't appear. I wonder where DK got his references from? Thank you all for your positive words....I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished!!
  5. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! The wait for the EMI pod will be well worth the wait, and will add the perfect finishing touch. Hopefully meet you at Telford?
  6. After the camo, I started what I thought would be an enjoyable 2-3 days applying the decals from the Wild Hare set. As mentioned in an earlier update, I decided to change the markings to the popular 41 Squadron 'Sharkmouth' FGR2, and use the conversion set decals. But, what should have taken 2-3 days, ended up taking around 4 weeks, the decals were soooooo thin and fragile, they cracked/split continually and were nigh on impossible to move into place, I really had to learn patience and take up a degree course in advanced jigsaw puzzles! Once applied, I had to spend a few more days painting in the lost decal detail with a fine brush. I copied the markings in the superb drawing of XV495 in one of my Phantom books, 'Phantom, Spirit in the Skies', I am not 100% certain if the markings are correct, as I have seen several photos of the real jet, and the 'zaps'/locally applied markings appeared and disappeared continually while it was in active service with 41 Squadron.
  7. Sorry for the delay in posting, damned work getting in the way! I'll have to get a move on now, Telford IPMS Nationals not far away now!! Ok, I've applied the top and bottom camouflage colours, very simply applied pre-shading with Tamiya black, hand sprayed the dark sea grey area, masked these off with hand cut tracing paper masks held in place with blobs of Copydex. The dark green was then sprayed on. Once dry, the lower areas were masked off with Tamiya tape, pre-shaded, and the light aircraft grey applied. The intake areas had been previously masked and sprayed with white and dark sea grey intake lips. UPDATE TOO!! I've decided that the aircraft will now be finished as the popular 41 Squadron FGR 'sharkmouth' XV495, it's a scheme that is included in the Wild hare CE set and looks really good! The EMI photo recce pod is currently being made as a vacform by LSP member Tim Perry, thank you Tim! Finished model will sport AIM and Sparrow missiles plus the SNEB pods, should look mean and moody!
  8. Thank you all for your kind words and positive encouragement! It's a hefty project and this really helps. More updates soon, I will be tackling the tailplanes next, they will be a mixture of kit parts, resin non slatted tailplanes from CE kit and some scratchbuilt bits. Also considering a change of markings, there may soon be a 1/32 EMI photo recce pod making an appearance......watch this space!!
  9. Apologies for the lack of updates, day job getting in the way! Another big chunk of work done. Resin wing tops fitted, lots of file and fit to get rid of the gaps. I added plastic card and strip and Archers resin rivet decals to detail the inside edge of the inboard leading edge flap as it is very visible. The outer wings were also fitted, I used square plastic strip glued into the wing end recesses and brass pins to achieve a secure joint and the correct angle. I then fitted the Wolfpack resin flaps and slats, adding additional detail to the middle flap to represent the boundary layer control piping which is visible when the middle leading edge flap is lowered (Wolfpack do supply a resin detail piece for this but it is incorrect and does not fit). Finally, I fitted the resin bulged undercarriage trunnion covers to the wingtops as they are visible in all the shots I have of RAF FGR2s, these came from the CE set as the kit ones are the wrong shape. Starting to take shape now!
  10. I am hopeless at large scratchbuilds, is anyone good at scratchbuilding and up for making a 1/32 RAF Phantom FGR2 EMI photo recce pod? One off paid job for anyone who is interested. Please PM me, genuine offers only please. Needed for an ongoing project.
  11. A larger chunk of work done! Fitted the kit alligator tail and hook, filled all the gaps, re-scribed all the panel lines and drilled all the little rivet holes.....tedious but necessary as it had to match the moulded detail, and boxed in the hook mount. Most of the photos I have of early 70's Coningsby jets show them taxiing with the brake parachute bay open, and as this model will be posed while taxiing, I gave opening the brake parachute bay a go, the Eduard photo etch set I have supplies some very detailed frames to add to the insides, a bit fiddly lining it up but worth it I think! I also fitted the tailplane and the RAF Phantom fuel dump mast, which is supplied in the CE kit. Going to have a go at fitting the wing tops and the flaps/slats next, much swearing and gnashing of teeth here, a test fit shows lots of gaps!!
  12. Does anyone know if a 1/32 scale EMI recce pod was or is available? (the type found on early 70's RAF Phantoms of 41 Squadron, looked a bit like a centre line fuel tank). Any help really appreciated! Please PM me if you can help. Thank you for looking.
  13. Some more work today, very hot and sweaty too! The Wild Hare transkit provides some moulded doughnut shaped rings at the exhaust ports, which I think are meant to be the exhaust nozzle mounts. I didn't like these and preferred to see the nozzles emerging from the fuselage like the real aircraft. I set about thinning the internal part of the fuselage, which was incredibly thick for some reason, and also removed the doughnut shaped rings. The result was a fairly fragile shell which I strengthened with some 2mm plastic card to make a bulkhead which would also act as a mounting plate for the replacement exhaust pipes. I cut a section of plastic tubing which I managed to find in the same outside diameter as the kit nozzles and fitted the nozzles. The transkit also provides a modified alligator tail, but the one I had was not usable as it was so badly cast, so I modified the kit part by removing the lower curved plates and replacing it with plastic card, this allows the larger exhausts to be fitted. I then test fitted all the parts after some very tedious filing and fitting of the alligator tail and sanding/re-scribing the lower fuselage joints, it paid off as there won't be too much filling and sanding to do when its properly fitted!
  14. Shot in the dark here, has anyone made a 1/32 EMI recce pod for the early 70's RAF Phantom? I need one for a current build, I could have a go but I'm hopeless at scratch builds! Please PM me if you can help. Thank you for looking!
  15. Another update. Firstly, one of my 'bibles' on this project, Verlinden's excellent FGR1 AND FGR2 book, brilliant! Today, I fitted the lower part of the fuselage. The filling and tidying of the joints up will take quite some time as it is all quite badly misaligned. I started with the intake end, and using gap filling cyano(a much better medium than filler putty or paste as it will not shrink or crumble and will dry instantly when you spray it with the activator) filled in the gaps and sanded them all back, re-scribed all the panel lines and re-drilled all the rivet holes by hand, tedious or what! The cockpit aircon ducts and catapult 'J' hook blanking plates were also fitted. You can now see the extra width of the intakes to accommodate the Speys a bit better. The other images show the downward cant of the lower rear fuselage that this transkit provides. You can also see how bad the alignment is around the exhaust area, and, I also wanted you to see the bad casting of the alligator tail, I will have to modify the kit part and use this. I did say I wanted something to sink my teeth into!!!!
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