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  1. That's kind of what I was thinking would happen. I know Chuck540z3 has used liquid sprue to fill on problem areas and then sand smooth, rescribe with excellent results. I guess I could do some tests with Mr. Surfacer versus liquid sprue and see what works best?
  2. Thanks guys. I thought about using Mr. Surfacer, but my concern was it wouldn't take to scribing very well if needed. It was my understanding that if you scribe through bare plastic, then Mr. Surfacer, it would be very clean of a scribe in the area where you go through the Mr. Surfacer. So no issues then?
  3. I'm wanting to get Trumpeters 32nd scale F100 kit but looking at the reviews, it seems cursed with deep panel lines and even worse rivets. What's the best way to deal with these? Fill the trenches and rivets in with liquid sprue, let cure fully, sand flush, then re scribe and re rivet, or is there a better way?
  4. Very cool! I'll be following this build as it goes along. Let us know how the Eduard additions work out please.
  5. Thanks Rich for the info. Looking forward to more pics and build updates when they happen.
  6. Very interesting Rich, I never would have though of that! Thanks so much for sharing. How long does this poor man's slotting file last and do you run it along both edges of the groove?
  7. While I have you, would you mind explaining your technique for super smooth scribed lines? They look incredibly sharp!
  8. Amazing work here Rich, very impressive! One questions though about the HGW rivets, which size are you using for this? They look great. Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  9. That looks REALLY really good Wolf. Very crisp details and I love how your painting technique makes everything just "POP"! Nice work.
  10. Hey Martin, where do you find all these great pics? Do you have some secret stash or something? Looking forward to more updates Wolf, Chuck.
  11. Just placed my order for the three WNW kits I had on my wish list. I took a chance with the last price increase and missed out, when it ended up being more than what I was expecting. I didn't want to do that again.
  12. Good to see you rolling along with this build Peter. Keep it up!
  13. Will you be posting any build pics when the time comes?
  14. So, Alclad on the ends and foil around the middle? Did the foil get the X22 as well, or just the Alclad? It looks good.
  15. Thanks for the input Thierry.
  16. Would anyone happen to know where I can find a set of 3 view drawings which show the fuselage rivet layout for a Mirage III?
  17. Looking fantastic Pete! I'll second that question. What are you doing for your NMF? It looks like foil!
  18. I'm just now working on a replacement Instrument panel that matches a C model more accurately. One I have something worth showing, I'll post some pics.
  19. If you compare the Eduard panel to pics of a real C Instrument panel, you will see that there are a couple of issues (like the kits panel). I think Eduard went for fit to what kit offers for a panel versus accuracy. Both the kit and the Eduard panels are kind of a mish mash of early and late C panels with a bit of E thrown in for good measure. An early C should be roughly the same height on both sides of the HUD. Late C's are higher on the right with an extra gauge and switches added there as compared to an early C, and an E is also high on the right but also has warning lights on the left top side of the panel (just under the hood) as presented in the kit. I don't claim to be a Mirage expert, but after a couple of weeks staring at pics I'm getting a better grasp on the differences (of which there are many)! Good luck with what ever you decide.
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