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  1. Congratulations on finishing another masterpiece! I bet it makes a great addition to your collection of racers. I wonder what is going to be your next project
  2. Well done! I'm sure it's going to be another masterpiece in your collection I can't wait to see the final result. I just hope you would skip that shading on the leading edge of the main wing that you did on last racer.
  3. Hi, I am really impressed by your work on this model. I've also browsed all your thread on Master 194 forum. Your model is inspiring! I wish I could build a masterpiece like this some day :) Best regards, Peter
  4. Catalina is a wonderful aircraft and presents excellent in any scale. I have recently started to build a 1/48 Catalina cutaway. Do you think 1/48 is OK for this forum?
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