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  1. Wonderful build, Nenad! May I publish it on the website? Kev
  2. Fantastic, Andrzej! May I publish it on the website? Kev
  3. You're still very welcome to post them here in the Non-LSP Works forum! Kev
  4. Enquiring is quite correct (just not for Americans). Kev
  5. Ernie's stuff is difficult and expensive to make, as it uses a lost-wax casting process that requires new moulds to be made after every cast. It's a very inefficient manufacturing process, so I don't think Ernie produces anything in great quantities. Kev
  6. Lovely work, Angelo! Kev
  7. Thanks, Ryan. That's quite odd, but I'll check my in-box when I get home. The best way to reply to a PM is via PM, but we'll sort it out! Kev
  8. No, that’s just a notification, and only goes to the support email address (which ironically I do receive, but haven’t seen one from you yet). Normally, if you respond to that notification email, the intended recipient would never see it. Kev
  9. Wow! Ernest, that is a knockout! May I publish it on the website? Kev
  10. Dale, you don't by any chance mean Blinatumomab, do you? Kev
  11. This is really looking the business, Quang! Kev
  12. Welcome aboard! Very nice work for your first model in such a long time. Since it's a 1/48 scale model, I've taken the liberty of moving it here to Non-LSP Works, where it more appropriately belongs. Kev
  13. I have to correct you on that point, William. Eric managed to do exactly that with his build of that kit: Kev
  14. The Evergreen stuff that Richard linked to is already substantially thinner than that - so much so that you have to be very careful using polystyrene liquid cements around it. If you use just a smidge too much, it melts into oblivion. If you need it thinner than that, then I'd go with kitchen foil, or soak some 80gsm paper in CA. Kev
  15. Fantastic re-entry into the hobby, Mark! You're doing terrific work, and the results speak for themselves. I can say that my own return to the hobby was nowhere near this impressive. And yes, your Fisher-Price keyboard is certainly an eye-catcher! Kev
  16. Highly skilled and creative work, Alain! Kev
  17. We used to get sent review samples, but after saying the same things about them review after review, we eventually requested that they don't send us any more. Kev
  18. I didn't say they were better, only that folks buying them for their smaller scale kits are likely to be less disappointed in them than we are in larger scales, where they're next to useless. I can see them working as useful replacements in 1/48 and 1/72 scales where you might have irreparably damaged or broken the kit part, for example. I've got a couple of obsolete vac kits in 1/48 scale, and could see myself using the available SAC parts for them, rather than trying to use the supplied vac pieces or scratch-build my own. Kev
  19. Thanks, fellas. I've been alerted to the fact that the link to Paul's review was incorrect, so I've fixed that now. Kev
  20. Nice work, Dale! Kev
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