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  1. I'm just posting the information below on behalf of John from Marsh Models (Aerotech). Kev
  2. Lovely progress, Max! Looking great so far. Kev
  3. I have one of those too, and from the same source. I don't use it that much, when you need it, there's no better tool for the job. Kev
  4. Me too - what version? I have say that the last few updates to Firefox have been a bit of a mixed bag, and I've experienced a few issues as well. Nothing that clearing caches and a hard refresh shouldn't fix, though. can you paste one of your links in a reply here so I can take a look? Kev
  5. What browser are you using? Sounds suspiciously like a Microsoft product... Kev
  6. I suspect that some folks are just pasting the link in and waiting for the magic to happen, but you usually have to hit the return/enter key to trigger the process. That said, if you just leave it, you should see a little pop-up strip asking you if you want to embed the image or leave it as a link. If neither of those things is happening, then there's likely an issue with the browser. Now, there is another way to do this that has never failed me so far, as long as the image link is valid. When you're writing a post, click on the 'Other Media' drop-down menu at the bottom right of t
  7. I saw the edit note you made about changing the links not working, and I got it too when I tried - weird! There's definitely some inconsistent behaviour going on. When all else fails, though, the 'Insert image from URL' function (available from the 'Other Media' drop-down menu, bottom right of the post edit window) seems to work. I used that to update the rest of your image links. Kev
  8. I think the default settings were changed and reset as part of the upgrade, so you might want to check yours and reset them to your liking ('Notification Settings' under 'Account Settings'). Kev
  9. And a website! https://www.scalemodelpaintmasks.com/ Though I do wish there was some more activity there. Kev
  10. I've just disabled the topic summary for forum threads, so the 'stats bar' will no longer show. Kev
  11. That tail wheel looks superb, John! A micro-model all on its own. Kev
  12. Nothing has changed with regard to permissions, only where the edit function is situated. Look for the ellipse icon ("...") in the top-right of your post (next to the "Author" label), and click on that. Edit is one of the options in the menu that pops up. Kev
  13. Me! Below is a screenshot from my 'homepage' on ImageShack: I just click on the icon that is 3 horizontal lines, located in the bottom left of the image panel, and then in the pop-up panel, click in the field labelled 'Direct', and copy the link (it should auto-highlight). After that, come back here and paste that link into your post edit window, and hit enter/return to make the image display. Kev
  14. Hi Moonraker 1 - you appear to be using the bbCode version of your image links. These are no longer supported due to the recent upgrade of our forum software, which is why the images in your most recent post are not showing. Check out the following explanation I posted in General Discussion for more information: Fixing the links in your post is actually easy! Just remove the leading [img] and trailing [/img] tags on each link, and hit enter/return as go. Your images should reappear again. I've done your first image as an example, but will leave you to do the rest. Sing out
  15. Ah, exactly! I'm not sure why I missed that distinction, but that's exactly it. I always use the 'blue bubble' to go to the first unread post in a thread, and this behaviour is not affected by the setting discussed earlier, which only affects what happens when you click on the topic name. Well spotted, Neo! Kev
  16. There's really nothing I can do about the mixed content warnings, other than switch the linked content setting back to https-only - which I do intend to do after people have had some time to ensure their images are hosted on a secure server. The reprieve is only temporary, and all the well-known and popular image hosts provided SSL-based hosting, so it shouldn't be a problem for most people. Of course, this won't affect all the pre-existing non-secure links, but at least it will make things better going forward. Kev
  17. Turns out that this is a setting we can toggle, so I've turned it off for now, and insecure http-only links should work now. I do encourage you to find a secure server to host your images on, though, as eventually browsers themselves will stop displaying insecure content. Kev
  18. It was just mentioned elsewhere that image links need to be https now, and that http links don't work. It turns out that this is a setting we can toggle, so I've turned it off for now. I do encourage everyone to host their images on a secure https server though, as eventually, browsers themselves will stop display http-only content altogether. Kev
  19. OK, finally placed my order! Took me ages to decide between United and BA, having given up on the idea of an Aussie livery. Kev
  20. The weird thing is, my settings have been reset to “take me to the beginning”, too, but the behaviour I get is the same “take me to comments I haven’t read” that I've always had. Kev
  21. Why is it that, whenever I do it, it comes out as Measure Once, Cut Yourself Twice? I'm certainly proving that with my Tiger Moth build! Kev
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