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  1. due in September nice boxart btw https://icm.com.ua/aviation/the-english-patient/
  2. Yak-9K version to be released in spetember https://icm.com.ua/aviation/yak-9k/
  3. renders of Wapiti posted on Lukgraph FB https://sk-sk.facebook.com/pg/LukGraph/posts/
  4. canopy test fit https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodels.cz/
  5. decals tested https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodels.cz/photos/pcb.144605408246619/144605364913290/
  6. I've always liked the look of WWI ships it will be huge kit, laminated ship hull, polyurethane, PE and 3D printed details.
  7. clear parts for Val and B5N2 Kate
  8. seems the Val release is really close, some sprues ready https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodels.cz/ https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=749434136389932
  9. as posted over on britmodeller Laird Solution will be released in different scales (in 1/32 as well) https://www.facebook.com/CallsignGlou parts layout (for 1/48 version)
  10. posted on Trumpeter website, sorry if it was mentioned here already http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=237&l=en
  11. preorders open https://sk-sk.facebook.com/LukGraph/photos/pcb.5314845468598774/5314841991932455/?type=3&theater
  12. Kate for the beginning, afterwards Border will release Hiryu in 1/35 no go for me, when at some point we should get Infinity 1/32 version
  13. availabe on Inifinity website, shipping next week https://www.infinitymodels.cz/en/1-32-vampire-f-mk3/ https://www.infinitymodels.cz/en/1-32-vampire-fb-mk5/
  14. another sprue ready https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodels.cz/photos/a.117704117603415/136914525682374
  15. Having built both after they were released, all I can say that both are great kits however Ki-45 has better fit and at least for myself it was easier to finish
  16. another aditional set - flaps and airbrakes https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodels.cz/photos/pcb.135354279171732/135354219171738/
  17. Val is getting closer first test sprue posted on Infinity FB page https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodels.cz/photos/pcb.135003312540162/135003272540166/
  18. let's hope they will announce "secret item" in 1/32 form their 2022 catalogue somehow I think that we will get brand new Fw190D jan
  19. wheel sets from Infinity for Vampire https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodels.cz/photos/pcb.134533532587140/134533472587146/
  20. as posted on CSM FB page https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=894204251525787&set=a.843133036632909
  21. as posted over on britmodeller https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235111713-132-de-havilland-dh103-hornet-sea-hornet-by-db-model-kits-dbmk-in-design3d-renders/ should be multimedia kits 3D renders
  22. ready to make molds - Hansa Brandenburg NW https://sk-sk.facebook.com/LukGraph/photos/a.940111312738900/5231554730261182/?type=3&theater
  23. and more pics posted in recent hours https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodels.cz/photos/pcb.130124006361426/130123899694770/ Infinity is working on set of flaps for this model
  24. pics of assembly on Inifnity FB page https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodels.cz/photos/pcb.129849239722236/129849119722248/
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