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  1. Wanted to let everyone know we will soon release two new EagleParts for the new Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk IIa kit: EagleParts 70-32 - Rotol spinner and prop EagleParts 71-31 - Corrected oil cooler These parts will help to accurize your model. Check our website for updates and photos that will be posted soon. Happy Modeling, Judy and Team Eagle
  2. Hi guys; We are excited to announce our new Spitfire Mk II EagleCals that will be available in 72, 48 and 32 scales. Thought we would let you see the profiles. Decals are at Cartograf as we speak and should be here in a week or so. Bookmark our "What's New" page on our website for breaking details. Here are the profiles: thanks to Mark Proulx for the research.
  3. I hope to post these on our website within the next week or so, check back with our What's New Page for a hyperlink ...
  4. John B - Final price not established as of yet. Note - all of ours are of wartime aircraft that saw combat. Also, it is difficult if not impossible to know what other decal manufacturers are producing for their markings.
  5. Hi guys; Here are three more profiles Thierry Dekker prepared for us for our new 1/24th scale Typhoon EagleCals. Thanks to Mark Proulx for his amazing research!
  6. Hi everyone; We are excited to announce our newest EagleCals for the Typhoon in 1/24th scale, just in time for the new kit! This represents a new scale for EagleCals. Research by Mark Proulx, profiles by Thierry Dekker. These are just beautiful. Here are the profiles for Part I with Part II coming in the next few days. Judy and Team Eagle
  7. Jerry and I wanted to publicly thank Tomas Poruba, one of the world's leading authorities on the Erla Messerschmitts, for his help with research during the development of our forthcoming Erla EagleCals. Without his willingness to share his knowledge with us, we could not have produced such a complete, accurate set of decals and instructions...thank you Tomas! We are anxiously awaiting for the plane to land from Cartograf, delivering our Erla decals along with our Spitfire Mk I and Spitfire Mk II EagleCals...soon, very, very soon.... See our Erlas here: JG 300 -http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/erlas-bf-109-g-10s/eaglecals-155-erla-bf-109-g-10-jg-300-detail.html JG 301, and KG(J) 6 Here:http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/erlas-bf-109-g-10s/eaglecals-156-erla-bf-109-g-10-jg-301-and-kg-j-6-detail.html Both available in 1/32nd scale. Spitfire sheets in 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32...Wheeeeee More EagleCals coming soon, watch our What's New Page for announcements Herehttp://www.eagle-editions.com/whats-new.html Cheers, Team Eagle
  8. Hi guys - just posted a video on youtube of some Luftwaffe pilots at the Champlin Fighter Museum in 1990 and includes a start up of the D-13, thought you might enjoy! Judy
  9. Hi Guys, Wanted to post our newest EagleCals for the Bf 109 Erla G10, two new sheets here in late April. http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/erlas-bf-109-g-10s.html Visit our site for details! Cheers, Judy and Team Eagle
  10. Hi guys; Just received the color profiles for our two new sheets, 155 and 156 for the Revell 1/32nd Bf 109 Erla G-10. Each sheet will have five schemes, here are 8 of the planned 10 - two more coming soon. We have posted 8 of the 10 profiles on Hyperscale, visit hyperscale.com to see the images, enjoy! Judy Team Eagle
  11. Hi everyone; With the arrival of the 'new' HK B-25H kit we thought we would remind everyone of our EagleCals for the B-25H The link is here: http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/b-25j-and-b-25h-click-to-view-all-available-markings/eaglecals-146-32-b-25h-detail.html Thanks for your continued support! Judy and Team Eagle
  12. As many of you know, over the years, Jerry and I have traveled the world gathering oral histories and obtaining various signatures on our aviation prints. Many of these events we did video tape and we are now in the process of editing these for YouTube so we can share some of these with you. We have just completed the editing of the Ivan Kozhedub signing and our trip to Moscow USSR in 1990. More to come soon, but you can view the Kozhedub video here: Enjoy! Judy and Jerry Crandall
  13. A quick note to let everyone know we have received and are now shipping the new Ju 88 EagleCals as well as the re-scaled Stuka EagleCals. Take a look here: http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/ju-88-a-4-click-to-view-all-available-markings.html Thanks for all your continued support, Judy and Team Eagle
  14. Hi Guys; We have had a lot of questions about which subjects we will be offering in our upcoming Erla EagleCals sheets. What I can tell you is these fighters flew with KG(J) 6, JG 301 and JG 300 and we will have two, maybe three sheets in 1/32nd scale. ...More later... Judy Eagle-editions.com
  15. Hi guys; thought you should know our NEW Ju 88 EagleCals are on their way from Cartograf in Italy. They are available in 72nd, 48 AND - WAIT FOR IT .... 32nd!!! And, we have rescaled our 32nd scale Stuka decals to 48th and 72nd. Visit our site for more details at http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals.html Thanks for visiting Judy
  16. Hey - thought we would let everyone know we will soon have Ju 88 A-4 EagleCals in 32nd scale available. The artwork is done and the decal art has been sent on to Cartograf so they could be here by Christmas! http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/ju-88-a-4-click-to-view-all-available-markings.html Coooooolll Stuff! And 'watch the space' for Messerschmit Bf 110 items! Judy and Team Eagle EagleEditons.com
  17. Hello Christopher; I am sorry you are not happy about the shipping fee. We have refunded $3.00 to your PayPal account. When we ship items we have to have a tracking number which is provided when we use either UPS or Priority Mail. If you would have contacted us directly we could have just replaced the sheet you needed for a small charge rather than have you pay for an entire set of decals and instructions. So I apologize for that as well. Shipping is through the roof! We can ship via air mail but we cannot track Air Mail shipments. In fact we can no longer offer air mail shipping as an option on our web site through the shopping cart. We can however, ship air mail for orders placed via email or on the phone, but again tracking is not available. By the way - nice model! Judy Eagle Editions Ltd.
  18. Hi guys; Here are our next EagleCals for the F4U-1 birdcage Corsair. They will be available in all three scales. These are not the final groupings. http://www.eagle-editions.com/whats-new/2-uncategorised/32-corsair-eaglecals.html Cheers, Jerry
  19. Hi all - Wanted to let everyone know our newest EagleCals have arrived a week early! We are now shipping these! Click on this hyperlink to visit our What's New Page and to see the newest EagleCals: http://www.eagle-editions.com/whats-new.html For each new decal: He 111 - available in all three scales: http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/he-111-h-click-to-see-all-available.html P-61A available in 48 and 72! http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/48/p-61-a-black-widow-click-to-view-all-available-markings2012-10-19-23-29-06_.html Reprints of Stukas!: http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/ju-87-stukas-click-to-view-all-available-markings.html Reprint of Wolf Falck Bf 110 in 32nd: http://www.eagle-editions.com/eaglecals/32/me-110s-click-to-view-all-available-markings/eaglecals-45-32-wolfgang-falck-me-110s-detail.html Cheers, Judy and Team Eagle
  20. We have approved the cover for Jerry's book, formerly titled Eagles of the Iron Cross and wanted to share it with everyone. We are excited to pick up this project that has been waiting in the wings for some time. The signature page for the deluxe limited edition has been signed and in our office for a while now, but we are ready to put this project together. Hopefully it will be available later this summer, here's a link to the web page: http://www.eagle-editions.com/library-of-eagles/reference-and-collector-books/fighters-of-the-iron-cross-standard-edition-detail.html Judy Team Eagle
  21. Hey guys - thought we would have a Not going to Telford sale now through the end of November. Enjoy a 15% discount (retail sales only)on everything on our site! Simply put the word Telford in the coupon space on checkout...it's that easy! http://www.eagle-editions.com, but you should have this bookmarked already! Don't forget - Christmas is coming! Sorry we can't go to Telford this year, but hopefully this sale will make up for it! Cheers, Judy Eagle Editions Ltd.
  22. Never a good time to update the program for your shopping cart is it? So we are now 'done' with the update, here are the corrected links, let us know if they don't work!!! He 219: http://www.eagle-edi...219-detail.html http://www.eagle-edi...219-detail.html B 25J: http://www.eagle-edi...25j-detail.html http://www.eagle-edi...25j-detail.html B-25H: http://www.eagle-edi...25h-detail.html Thanks for your patience, Judy Eagle Editions
  23. Hi gang; Just wanted everyone to know we are currently shipping all our newest EagleCals, for He 219, the B-25J and the B-25H, click on links below to see the various markings and to order: He 219 in 32nd scale: http://www.eagle-edi...219-detail.html B-25J Strafer in 32nd scale: http://www.eagle-edi...25j-detail.html B-25H in 32nd scale: http://www.eagle-editions.com/EagleCals-Decals-for-the-modeler/32/B-25J-and-B-25H-Click-to-view-all-available-markings/EagleCals-146-32-B-25H.html thanks for looking!!!! Judy Eagle Editions
  24. Hi gang; Just wanted everyone to know we are currently shipping all our newest EagleCals, for He 219, the B-25J and the B-25H, click on links below to see the various markings and to order: He 219 in 32nd scale: http://www.eagle-edi...ml#.UIW8EsXLRDQ B-25J Strafer in 32nd scale: http://www.eagle-edi...ml#.UIW8QMXLRDQ B-25H in 32nd scale: http://www.eagle-edi...ml#.UIW8osXLRDQ thanks for looking!!!! Judy Eagle Editions
  25. We have just signed off on the He 219 instructions and decals, they are now posted on our site at: http://www.eagle-editions.com/EagleCals-Decals-for-the-modeler/32/He-219-click-to-view-all-available-markings/EagleCals-147-32-He-219.html#.UDk59daPWz4 The He 219 Uhu decals are 1/32nd scale only. They are designed to be used with the soon to be released Revell He 219 A-7 and later ZM He 219 A-0. Three different schemes reflecting various camouflage patterns applied to the Uhu are offered: 1) He 219 A-0 G9+FK flown by night Ace Hptm. Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow 2) He 219 A-2 D5+BL, W.Nr. 290126 3) He 219 A-7 W.Nr. 390193 Thanks for Mark Proulx for shepherding the research and art direction with Decal Engineer Tom Tullis. Judy Crandall Eagle Editions
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