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is Hobbyworld-USA still in business?


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Hi everyone.


I placed an order for MRP paints with Hobby world USA back in early March. I received a confirmation email right away stating that some of the paints were on back order so it might take a while.  Since several months have gone by, I thought I should try and get an update from them.  I've tried different ways of getting a hold of anyone with hobby world all with no response. 


Should I be concerned, or is Hobby world USA legit?



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Hobbyworld USA and its owner’s (Matt Bole)lack of response have been discussed at length on Hyperscale. In short, unless you can get a refund from your payment source, you’re probably Sierra Oscar Lima.

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Update on my order from March 10 with Hobbyworld USA.


I tried one last time to get a response from them and gave them a week to respond. After more silence from Hobbyworld, I decided to raise my concerns with Paypal. Paypal reviewed my case and has given me a full refund.


In hind site I should have checked into hobbyworld BEFORE placing my order, but will not be using them again. 



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