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I'll be starting an inflight helo build similar to Pete's HH-60G build soon and I need some help.

I will be using the Live Resin helicopter pilot, but I need his legs to be more straight down as he will be sitting in the doorway of a HH-60L medevac operating a hoist during a rescue.


I need to cut his legs where you see the red lines, but how do you reposition his lower legs? 

Hot water?




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In much smaller figures, I have cut a wedge out of the back of the knee. If you check your own leg (assuming it still bends) The front of your leg doesn't change much 'cos that's where the bones are. The back gets shorter as the muscles contract


If you try to bend it, you'll end up lengthening the front, which will look weird


And I'd be having kittens at the thought of either bending or cutting a figure so well sculpted as that!




MORE: I've just noticed this is 1/35th, so a bit of cutting and sculpting should be OK. I've done this with 1/32nd figures

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1 hour ago, Dany Boy said:

Tim, you can try to hit the parts you want to make moveable with open flame from a spirits lamp or a candle.


I've never done that before. I'll keep that as a last resort move. Thanks for the tip!



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