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Adding clear gloss to gunze paint?

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Has anyone done this? Just wondering if it would transform a normally satin finish to more of a gloss I’m looking for.


I know I can spray a clear gloss over the satin gunze to get to the same destination, but if I can add some gloss to the paint when I add the thinner to airbrush, it would save me some time for a particular technique (simulating wood grain) I’m trying to figure out.


Thanks in advance, 


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I certainly do this regularly enough Tamiya's flat acrylic paints, and it works well at eliminating that chalky feel they have straight out of the jar. I've never done it with Gunze's acrylic paints, though, as they're already satin or gloss. I'd just give it a go and see how you fare. Make sure to report back!



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