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Soviet Storm-WW2 East front,18 series,whoever interested

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History is indeed fascinating, but i'm a bit biased (and that is an understatement) about russian actions in WW2, despite the fact that indeed german forces did lots of attrocities on russian territory , but on the other hand these actions were an overkill by russian actions, especially on baltic regions, like Poland, ................my father hated russians more than germans, and when considering their actions (the russians)  i can't blame him..........so looking at this documentary it's giving me mixed feelings........

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3 minutes ago, MARU5137 said:

I just watch it for historical reasons so have no one side I support... but Jack I understand wholly your thinking and where you are coming from.

it always will hurt you.

That's true-each regime made horrible things

can't say Western allies were angels,carpet bombings of civil

targets among them,but that's history,hope never will happen,although

viewing some events nowadays one can doubt humanity had learnt it's lessons

collective memory is short lived and short sighted 

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