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Building the Revell P-51D is now Available!


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I'm still in catch-up mode but for your book to sway someone's opinion so strongly is a HUGE testament to the hard work your authors, in the case Jan, and you put into what you create and publish.  :bow: :clap2:


Love this part of his review:  My conclusion is, that if someone from Revell’s team is reading this: Hey guys, you should put this book as a link with a QR code on your boxes. Enough of the mediocre builds that you show on the small pictures on the side! You ruin the perception of your models. And I am serious. This should be on Revell’s box. It is the perfect reference. Because if it can convince me that Revell’s worth the money, while already in possession of Tamiya’s 32nd scale P-51, well… 

Verdict: It is the perfect reference for building the Revell P-51D-5NA.


It is work like your books (I did buy the Revell one as soon as you published it) that I think help keep the hobby alive.  The tips and lessons learned passed on are just so useful to adding a lot of satisfaction to one's builds.  I don't follow all of the tips, but the ones I do I REALLY like.


Congrats and great work Kev!

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