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Anyone here use the Aires Cockpit with Revell's He-162?

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Hi Gang,


I am struggling with using the Aires nicely detail cockpit for the Revell He-162 Salamander. I have removed the interior stuff from both fuselage halves and the side walls fit nicely. When I put the cockpit in, the upper portion fits lovely, but the bottom does not, leaving a gaping gap where the nose gear bay is and further aft. Am I suppose to remove the interior cannon covers on both side of the fuselage as well? Any help would be appreciated.




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Hey Brad,

Im not sure if/how much help they would be, but both of these gents used the Aires pit:




Jeroen's build is almost 9 years old, but the pics are still there, and he defintily used the Aires pit too:




You might try PMing one of these gents and asking them how the fitment went if you dont find the info you are looking for from the links.




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Hi There! I remember I had the same problem as you. but not in the nose gear area, I simply attached the gear bulkhead to the cockpit before. The interference for me was instead in the gun bay. which I scratched build a bit.  



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