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1/32 trumpeter F-14D

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hm, strange this, most of the photobucket pics are gone.  Did some more work. Its a bit less productive but i try to do some minor stuff each day. Now at the hobby room its 32°c.


First, exhausts done, did it in 2 tries, but, resin and thinner, works great t get rid of the feiled paint attempt. I softened the details in the burner cans. As most know, there is a little detail on the real feathers, and i find the aires details to hard. Now i'm sure that the sanding gives a good grip for the paint. Sprayed with Mr Surfacer Black, Let dry overnight, and then did some Alclad gloss black over it. Made my own maskings for the black part of the exhaust petals, after one night i maksed them all . Pale burnt metal went over it. I let it dry for a couple of hours, and the Gloss clear over it.



The tube, inserts and fan sprayed with mr surfacer black, overnight drying and then gloss clear, i drybrushed with white, and silver. Some white wash, here the results.





The shrouds are painted with my own blend, some claer gloss, and they look great


The rest of the engine covers are fitted, some sanding, removing the support on the inside helped alot.All is flush now. For the fuselage, and boddy, next is filling and sanding.




Did the horizontal stabilizers, glued them, filled the panel lines, and then masking. Like on some aircraft, there are panel lines, and later moddels have all the lines filled. So, i wanted to get that look. There is the result, after the masking, some layers surfacer, removed the tape, and then the black primer on.





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