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Stokey Pete

My 2018

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Amazingly, given that my wife and I had our first baby in April of this year, I still managed to finish off 3 kits from the shelf of unfinished doom. All 3 were weapons and gear built, basic airframe constructions completed, no filling. 


Excuse the terrible iphone photo's, I haven't had the chance to get the lighting and backdrops set up where I work my magic. 


I give you Tamiyas 'Tomcat' dressed

in VF-101 markings. Aires 'pit and burner cans, G-Factor gear, and Wheeliant wheels.7D8F0257-3EE0-400E-A1F8-0444552353F4_zps


Next up is Tamiyas beautiful Mosquito, built totally out of the box aside from the markings which were airbrushed on with masks. 



And finally, although the last piece was glued into place an hour ago, I give you the monster that is Academy's F-16 'SUFA'. I used Wolfpack D's 'pit. Aires wheel bays and wheels. The exhaust, while technically incorrect for the type is also Aires, I wanted a seamless exhaust that looked good over accuracy. 



I may get round to some better photo's in due

course. My trouble is, that as a wedding and studio photographer, I find I don't have the mojo to edit a load of model shots after spending the days staring at the wedding stuff. 

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