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Dragon Bf110E-2 on sale $44...

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Does the kit on sale feature the fiddly photo-etch control surface attachments like they did with the Bf-109E ????


I hate that stuff and it would be a deal breaker for me.  If they did away with that on the BF-110, I might just take a flyer on this one.


No photo etch for control surfaces because the kit does not have separate control surfaces.

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Broke down and got another one. I had $11 in Dragon dollars sitting around, so for $40 shipped, I couldn’t pass it up.


Is it me, or do the Bf110s, particularly the E/trop, seem to be on sale quite often?

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Hey guys, I have about 3 extra of these in my stash that I would part with cheap, 2 trops and one 1 D-3, and I will ship to Europe, and elsewhere. I will let them go cheap as I am moving soon, and i don’t want to be transporting all my extras. PM me your address and I will get you a quote. Be warned if you are in UK, the last box I shipped there was $68 for postage only. But I have shipped other places for far less, NZ last week was about $27 ish.

Sending PO- Sprue Brother still manage to ship to UK at a half decent price. Think its called "Economy International Air Mail" or some such.

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Posted (edited)

My kit arrived this AM and I have had the opportunity to go over the contents.  As stated in the earlier post the kit is described as an E-2 Trop and can be built as such, with some modifications to the lower cowlings.


It can also be built as a standard early or late E-2, without the tropical mods.  It has parts to build a both the long and short tail machines, but does not contain the metal rod for the dingy release.


The kit includes a photo etched seat as is appropriate for some E series aircraft, but the earlier seating arrangement is also included as plastic parts.  The kit also has two types of tail wheels and tail wheel forks, two types of  main wheels and hubs, and two types of pitot tubes. 


It appears that all the part are there to build a C series machine.  A D series will require the builder to provide the wire for the dingy release.

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