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1/32 Romanian Messerschmitt Bf109E-3


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After having built one Dragon/Cyber Hobby Messerschmitt Bf109E I knew I simply had to build more. The first one (a JG53 E-4) was such a pleasure to build, but this time I wanted to close up the cowling. Once you know where to deviate from the instructions it's a straight forward build, although it does take some trimming to fit the cowling panels in the closed position. I basically left off most of the details on the engine and adjusted the inside of the panels slightly in order to get a good fit.

Unfortunately I did not get any WIP pictures before the painting stage, so here it is with RB Productions decals:








The RB decals were applied with Micro Set and Sol, but either the carrier film was flat or there was silvering behind the decals, but I did not want to take a chance on it being flat carrier film, so I brushed over the transparent part of the film with Tamiya Extra Thin glue. That worked wonders!

I still have to paint all the details, the rudder stripes, undercarriage etc. and apply some weathering (apart from the wing root chipping I have already made).

Critique is most welcome.



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