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New tech / New project - 1/144 Felixstowe F2a

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Since I have only a very small space to work in, and the fact that some friends have gotten my into playing Wings of Glory (combat wargame using 1/144 scale aircraft models).... I decided it was time to order one of my favorites from Shapeways.


The model should be here by the end of the week, along with a pair of RAF Fe2b models.


This will be a fun foray into 3d printed models - I ordered them in the White Flexible material and not the Ultra detail for a couple of reasons. 1) Since they will used and handled as gaming models, and 2) lower cost.


I know going in, that the white flex material will be a bit more challenging to smooth, prime and finish, but from what I have read, not terribly so. We shall see.


I plan to finish the Felixstowe in one of the many "Dazzle" schemes, and add a small amount of detailing to increase its' visual appeal on the table. BTW, the finish / scheme on this model will likely be totally fictitious as I want to experiment with several things in the process. This will be just fine for the intended purpose.


So...I will post more on this when it arrives and I dive into the project.



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Spooky! Only signed up the Shapeways this afternoon!!


I'll read your comments with great interest! Having some experience with a few RP technologies, I will be fascinated to see how they compare with more traditional model making methods. I still have a slightly jaundiced eye when it comes to rapid prototyping, but the technology is moving on so quickly, I am sure we are now approaching a bit of a golden age for modellers.



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Photobucket down....will post photos 'soon'


Before then, let me say this...overall I'm quite impressed... a 1/144 scale Felixstowe, all assembled ( props must be nipped off and the shaft inserted into a hole in the front of the each engine. The surface is a bit rough..like grainy, and there is an element of porosity to the material ( very apparent on the FE2b that I put primer on ) but certainly with paint applied will be just fine for the intended purpose. You can, for a higher price, order the high detail ultra-frost material as an option which is a much nicer surface.


The support and wing struts are quite delicate looking, but overall the model is fairly robust. On my example, the forward lewis gun barrel was broken off ( due to packing and post ) - but to me, really not a big deal - I can replace it easily enough. The 3 MG's amidship are present, the interior is hollow and tiny representations of crew are visible.


I think with some rigging, dazzle paint scheme and decals this will be quite impressive on the gaming table ! It dwarfs my Nieuport 28 ! :)


Photos will be posted when Photobucket is back up....


- Joe

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Well....Finally had to chance to do some work on the little (?) Felixstowe..... let me tell you....Get the Ultra Frost Detail plastic ! ....the one I got is quite difficult to get smoothed out and absorbs paint like crazy. After about five coats of clear, and a little sanding between the last two coats, it is still rough. Alas, since it is only for use as a wargaming aircraft, I decided to slap some paint on it. This brings up the next headache.....the model is a ONE PIECE print, and all those struts make it a bear to paint !!


I will be going back over it for a round or two of touch ups before starting the decal phase. After that I will run some rigging and it will at least look presentable on the wargaming table....and certainly dominating ! LOL.


Here I have applied the basic scheme I will use. Details and touch ups coming next....





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