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Ju 88 G-1 B4+DA flown by Ofw. Kielig

Pastor John

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Hi Everyone - I don't seem to be able to leave a post or a message to Peter any more on the LEMB site? Maybe you get locked out if you do not use enough or something? Anyway I am trying to research a marking and getting nowhere fast. Its the badge seen below the cockpit on Ofw. kielig's Ju 88 G-1 Wk.N. 710865 of the Nachjagdstaffen Norwegen and was left in Norway at the end of the war. As you know badges on G-1s or G-6s are rare indeed with only this one and the badge on D9+PH known to me. It does not match any other badge in my book of unit badges and if it is a personnel emblem then i fear without a clearer picture then I will have to forget it. Message me if you can help - thanks





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That's a difficult one John. I did a little photoshop on the emblem, skewing and perspective and then some contrast. I could get this out of it:




Not much, but in the right corner, you'll see a figure. I recon it is either a standing lion, griffon or maybe a squirrel. The background on the top of the shield is clearly darker then the lower part. The black object could be anything, but most likely a bomb or a plane.


I added some colour to highlight the different parts.




If you have a better scan or higher resolution from of the original I could probably get more out of it.

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