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What's the best 1/32 P47 Thunderbolt

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Hi Guys


Thank you for the heads up, I really like the look of the Razorback version, but this was only available from Trumpeter, I have found a couple for sale, so I may go with that. 

The issues seem to be pretty minor on the construction side of things, I am not too worried about the accuracy issues and I hope to add an exterior etch set, decals and new wheels only......


I may have to go quickly on the kit though as they are pretty scarce.


Thanks again 



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I have built both.  I enjoyed each, but the Hasegawa offering has a more accurate overall outline when they sit side by side.  It is simplified, however,  and can benefit from AM for sure, especially the engine.  The Trumpeter Jug has lots more detail, but most of it is more trouble than it is worth.  I left most of it out. You really can't go wrong with either one, though.


Both of mine are floating around here on LSP, but for some reason I can't get the links to copy into this post.



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Well guys, just like to thanks for the advice, I went ahead and purchased the trump kit from evil bay, ironically between me making my bid and me winning the kit, Redux decided to release the reboxed Trumpeter kit with a couple of little extras ...... Ho hum, oh well, I have it now, it's just gonna have to wait its turn.



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The best one is the one Tamiya will be doing.......whenever


I'm convinced one will happen. Maybe not for 2015 (when Tamiya's next all-new 1/32 should be dropping...rumors are already hot in two directions on that one), but perhaps for 2017?


To me, it fits well within their product strategy for 1/32, which, observationally, is two-pronged.


1 - Popularity. Whatever they produce in 1/32 has to sell in volume, and that means making kits people will buy the snot out of. The Zero, Spitfire, Mustang and Corsair all fit that bill. The P-47 is one of maybe a handful of others that could be a guaranteed hit (I'd also lump the Fw 190, P-40, Hurricane and Me 262 in that bunch - others like the 109 could be questionable due to the amount of kits already on the market that are rather good.


2 - An opening. Tamiya doesn't avoid competition, but they also - so far - have gone where the competition is weak. With the Spitfire, they were up against limited run kits. With the Mustang, they were up against Hasegawa and Dragon, but neither of those kits is particularly stellar. With the Corsair, Trumpeter and the ancient Revell are the only ones in town. The P-47 is in a similar boat. Nobody has "nailed" it yet. The Hasegawa's cowl is idiotic in design and the kit is perhaps a bit too simplistic in design and detail. The Trumpy is over-engineered and a real slog to build. And...I'm not a stickler for dimensional accuracy at all, but something about it just looks off when completed. A Tamiya kit - honestly just a lazy upscaling of their 1/48 kit - would blow both options away.


Let's also not forget that they've got a very good R-2800 now, thanks to the Corsair...

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I would love to see a Tamiya Jug, but I'm concerned the price would be outrageous. The Corsair is already quite pricey, and the potential for interior detailing with the P-47 is greater (just see what Trumpy did inside). Given the pressure Tamiya is clearly feeling from Zokei-Mura, I think they would feel obliged to give a Jug the full court press.


And I think it's daft, to quote you Brits, to wait for a kit that hasn't even been announced. The Trumpy Razorback builds up very nicely, and I agree the Hasegawa is just not worth the $$$ given what you will need to upgrade (MINIMUM a new cockpit).

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