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Tamiya 1/32 P-51 Mustang


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Hi gents,


this is my 1st work in progress.


The idea is to build Tamiya's 1/32 P-51 as a F-51 used by 2 Sqn SAAF in Korea.


Obligatory starting items.




This will will be OOB apart from the need to use aftermarket parts for the weapons (HVARs and Napalm).


I've obtained rocket stubs from Rowan - still need to settle for a source for the rockets and bombs.


Cheers, Sinuhe


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A further update - have sprayed the codes and upper cowling colour - thanks PvS for showing me that in this instance it was black and not olive drab.

Prop is wrong type - should be non-cuffed - will wait for a replacement.

Now, to add the decals.






Kit is great - but next time I will leave off the finicky aileron joints etc - they always droop down.

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Guest Peterpools

Wonderful progress on your 'Stang ... the NMF is looking fantastic. when I built BBD, I added a bit of CCA to the interior of the aileron and elevator hinge assembly before gluing the upper and lower parts together. This seemed to add a bit of friction to the assemblies and helped keep them from moving. All in all, I'm not a big fan of movable control surfaces and would prefer to be able to glue the control surfaces in place after positioning them. Just a bit toy like and most likely, the control surfaces will need to be glue into place anyway. Just defeats all the hard work.

Keep 'em coming

:popcorn: :popcorn:

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AIMS decals added - superb quality - highly recommended - and very accurate






Now to add the final bits and bobs - still waiting for ordnance - HVARs and bombs - will use the drop tanks in lieu of napalm ones for the interim.


Thanks for dropping by - its been a fun build - and a model I've been wanting to do for yonks

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