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Foiled HKM B-25J Strafer - 345th BG Air Apaches - Lady LiL


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Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!




Looks pretty great Brian. I like the re-scribing and riveting you're doing to make it all look right. The little splashes of color will also quite help.



Quick question for you though, does your windscreen come with the extra cross-brace in front of the pilot? The bomber kit doesn't have it, and I need to add it to my kit.








Matt, your saying your B-25 glass nose needs the extra braces in front of the canopy, and does NOT come with them?



I ask because both my strafer kits come with the cross braces in front of the pilot, but Lady LiL has NO braces in front of the pilot, so Ive just spent the better part of 2 days filing, sanding and polishing those braces OFF.


As a matter of fact, I have found little documentation to reflect that very few of the J models had those braces. Seems like they were mostly on the H models. The glass nose you are modeling has them?

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Thanks for all the positive feedback guys!







Matt, your saying your B-25 glass nose needs the extra braces in front of the canopy, and does NOT come with them?



I ask because both my strafer kits come with the cross braces in front of the pilot, but Lady LiL has NO braces in front of the pilot, so Ive just spent the better part of 2 days filing, sanding and polishing those braces OFF.


As a matter of fact, I have found little documentation to reflect that very few of the J models had those braces. Seems like they were mostly on the H models. The glass nose you are modeling has them?



yes, Ave Maria has the bonus frame plus an armor panel beneath it. So I'm currently figuring out how to attach the frame without ruining the plastic. I'm thinking using Future right now.



Sorry that yours does not need it. For some reason the bomber kit does not come with that brace, even though I've found a fair amount of the Corsican based Mitchells had them.



Keep up the great work on your kit. I'll try and catch up.




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Another small update.........................


The last few days have been dedicated to tediousness toward getting the glass on the fuse. Thanks to a boo-boo on my part (leaving the elevator to fuselage joint with a small step) I had to slather the rear tail gunners position in filler and Mr Surfacer 1000.


The canopy will not need so much work, but DID need to be finished, (AKA polished from opening the pilots window and removing the eronious braces) then futured which I did. While the canopy is drying, I got to work and unmasked and painted the cowlings and weathered them with some chipping. This will be toned down with a flattener later, but still have to paint the OD inner anti-glare panels -











Before the canopy glass gets glued in position for the final time, I not only need to finish the interior of it up, (still need to add some PE, and paint the inside) I also needed to smoothe the unfinished dash seem. Before that could happen I needed to get the hole in the dash cut for the strafer gunsight. I used a small 32nd template to cut the oval-ish shaped hole, then used micro-balloons and CA to fill the center seem. I then masked it up to spay some flat black, then weathered with some Floquil "weathered black" -








You can also see I got the gunsight cross-hairs folded up, but not painted yet.

I figured since I had the hole cut, dash painted, and cross-hairs almost ready to go, I had better get cracking on with the gun-sight itself.


Gun-sight is mostly done, with only the glass (Squadron thermoform) and lens (MV Lens) left to be added -








Im pushing on with the Canopy tonight, got a lot of different new rolls of foil, a new bottle of foil glue, and am going to prep to start the foil stage tomorrow on the wings! YAY!!!!


I just need to "wipe the slate clean" so to speak and get the clutter cleared off the bench before the foil stage.



Cheers till ur all older!


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Im working along on the canopy..................NP. All is going swimmingly, and I had everything masked up on the inside.................all polished up and Futured and ready to go.................




Right before I was about to put paint on the inside of the caopy, I was holding it upside down.............and put a might too much pressure on the outside.........and the whole *@#7ing thing cracked down the middle.


So I very gently put the canopy down, looked it over, not believing what just happened………….then very gingerly took my fist and smashed it as hard as I could right into the table –




Very rewarding considering what just happened, and all the work that just went down the drain. I don’t to anything ½ a$$ed.


Thankfully Matt is sending me a replacement in trade that should be here relatively fast I hope. For now Im SOL on getting the main canopy on, and wont be having a sliding window open on the pilots side, as I cant be asked to cut out this next one




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Sorry about the broken canopy Brian.. Dealing with busted parts can really put the brakes on a build.




Your new canopy without the added brace should get there quickly, so you can get back on the progress. Thanks for offering to trade canopies with me.




I really liked how the gunsight came together, it looks really cool. If mine had a gunsight, I would have used it as a template.





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I got your canopy packed up and ready to ship. Ive got some fathers day crap tomorrow but Monday Ill drop ur braced up canopy off for you. :)



Thanks Brian. Super nice of you to do that. Will make my life much easier in the long term, and my canopy will hopefully enable you to finish this build. It's been looking spectacular, wouldn't want a broken canopy to spell the end for it.





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Had some minor setbacks here and there so not as many updates recently as Id like. I have the power pods done and weathered (pics in next update) as well as getting the rear glass on and Futured.


Had a setback with the main canopy beyond me cracking the original. Hopefully will have a solution at some point soon................I hope.



Ive been working primarily with getting the entire airframe re-scribed and paneled, from the seem sanding I had to do. had to do some filling and sanding on the rear glass too (My own doing though).

Most of this process is now complete, and rear glass is installed, and Futured, and most all panel lines and rivets (that I know of at this point, but Im sure Ive missed some and will need to replace a few before foiling) have been replaced.


I will hopefully be ready for foil soon..............I know ive BEEN saying that, but it seems I have had more to do to prep for foil than I thought. :( I have completed the engine power pods already, along with the trim tabs on the fabric flying surfaces, but have not started any major foiling yet............


Now that I have the rivet and panel lines mostly knocked out, I can clean the bench in prep for FOIL. THANKfully. All this sanding, smoothing and re-scribing is getting on me nerves.........




Updates WITH pics soon to come gents...............thanks for looking in on me and cheers,







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I'm sorry again about the set-back with the canopy. Hopefully someone has a spare or can mold you a copy or something. It's a pretty easy shape, seems like it could be molded pretty easily.



I'm excited to see it with the foil. It will provide for a very different looking B-25.




One question though. How does weathering work over the foil? Can you still do oil washes and stuff over it? Every time I've seen a fully foiled build it comes out as almost a mirror finished plane with zero weathering. Does paint stick to the adhesive foil?






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Last month I was working on my A-7E and was painting the underside with some semi-gloss when the wing putty cracked from the main fuselage. It is the Trumpeter version. The top was done, painted and had a layer of semi gloss on it with the decals. The damage will require a complete re-sanding and I am just not up for it. I wrapped it in plastic and it sitting on my hobby shelf. Most likely I will never touch it again. Should I try another A-7 I may rip the pit out of it since that is the show piece of the model. I was heart broken. I have moved on to my 1/350 USS Hornet.

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No-no-no, Scooternutz ! A friend om mine was Murphy's best friend and he used to put his fist on a model when something went wrong. He also had quite a lot kits that had a problem (cracked wing, broken landing gear, etc.); I couldn't leave them like that and took a couple of them and repaired them. It really is worth the effort and he was happy too! Just leave it for a month or so, start something else and give it another go afterwards!


Good luck and take care!



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Yeah I know all about putting my fist through something after ruining it. Im my case however, it was a clear canopy with a crack in it = done dealing.........fanito............no recovery on that one. Just no way to recover from a cracked piece of clear on a model so it was very therapeutic to smash it beyond recognition.



On to some actual progress!!



I had previously been getting quite ahead of myself thinking foil was going to be applied to the main airframe sections before I had any glass on and the final finish sanding done. :(


NBD, since I took this past weekend to slow down and get that stuff completed. I got the tail glass on and smoothed out after my minor mistake of misalignment, and then re-polished it with the MC polishing set, and the re-Futured the canopy whilst it was mounted.

When It comes to foil, I prefer to use as little primer as possible, to keep the transition areas to a minimum. Sometimes using primer under foil is unavoidable (as in the case of all resin builds), but in the very large IM kit, Ive been trying to keep the primer to a minimum.


So to check for lumps, bumps, seams ect, where normally you might use a coat of primer to check this, I use BMF since is self stick level is not really that great.

Just take the BMF and apply a small section (large enough to cover the seem or whatever your looking to check) to your wrist, and peel away. This reduces the stickiness, and thus the permanence level when you go to remove it. Occasionally a piece can be used twice, but rarely as BMF is also fairly weak in tensile strength.






I then got things prepped and cleaned an applied the Eduard masks prior to the interior color being applied -




I cracked the kit OOB canopy myself, and found my other option in the previous sample kit just like the same kits fuse and wing............majorly cracked.


I really wanted to get things finish sanded in order to get actually prepped for some foil (I know I keep saying that too........ :rolleyes: ) so I desperation had to borrow a nearby modelers (and fellow LSPer PeteG .....Thanks Pete! ) canopy out of his kit with the promise of getting him an identical replacement for his kit.


Since my other option was cracked to, Ive been hunting in the traders forum, as well as getting in contact with Ken at PCM on a replacement.


In the mean time, Since I didnt realize my other option would be cracked, and I had already started, I forged on with my borrowed canopy.

Installed and smoothed, with the PE interior exit hatch mechanism and over-head control console (only visible if observed from underneath however ) fitted -






THANKFULLY I did remember to install the previously missing pilots seat and gun-sight in the cockpit prior to closing the canopy up, you just cant see anything with the Eduard masks on

I ALSO fixed the borked up mask on the forward pilots A-piller, to correct the width of the brace in that area prior to applying paint.











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In the mean time I finished both of the power eggs including weathering.
WHEW.....................these two lil buggers were entire two entire little PITA kits unto themselves, and Im downright thankful just to call them done, even if not perfect -








Finally, I got my custom B-25 interior color I had mixed up previously for the pit and tail gunner section, laid down on the canopy and tail glass in prep (hopefully) for foil -



All for now gents. Back to work tonight so Ill let the interior green harden off this week then sweep the bench clean again in prep for foil work.


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