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Foiled HKM B-25J Strafer - 345th BG Air Apaches - Lady LiL


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OIY, thanks for the kind words guys!



You know its not my normal procedure Phil but like you its down to really only 2 ways to do them. This way is just new to me as I havnt really attempted it before, thinking that my tried and true method of black then dry brushing silver worked so well............but I have to admit this way worked out much better than I hoped and at least as good if not better than the way I was doing it before.


I truly canNOT believe now much time has been devoted on my part to these engines. I totally and completely underestimated how much work was going to be needed just for the mundane necessary things like snipping parts (valve covers and exhaust specifically) off the sprues and cleaning up seems and sprue joins. Then the time that has been needed to sufficiently prep and paint said parts has increased exponentially as I get deeper into the engines………….its really incredible……….and I don’t feel like I initially wanted to do anything different here than I have with any other WWII piston engine in my 32nd models. Having to make doubles of everything is partly to blame and is a real drag at times…………..but I have adopted the Japanese philosophy of “if something is worth doing, its worth doing right” so this has made me slow down and get the engines the way I want so Im happy with them in the end; even if this does mean they take a bit longer.


I finished up the exhausts in MM rust followed by sponging on some MM burnt Iron, then a treatment with several different Tamiya weathering pallet colors. I think it gives the exhaust a nice variety of rusty shades –









Next I took Rons advise and re-painted the cyclone intakes manifold parts to gloss black after re-visiting some of my references –






I also took the same opportunity to paint all of the valve covers semi-gloss black. Its truly, truly staggering how many there were to prep and paint. Two engines, two rows of cylinders each, x 7 cylinders per bank, x two covers per cylinder = a crap ton of covers to paint –





Once the black dried I took each individual valve cover and painted its lower half dull aluminum –





Then I took some Flory Models light dirt wash and covered them, then took each one and wiped the excess off after the wash had dried –




Lastly for this past weekend it was down to starting the wiring on the engines (since im obviously still putting off re-scribing :rolleyes: )


I got my order of missing nuts in *Giggidy* from Scale hardware so I could proceed on the electrical ring and engine wiring.


I got a good start on this but it is very tedious work, so I hope to have the wiring finished up this next weekend.

In this case Ive made a good start with completing the installation of the 0.5 brass nuts into the ring itself. I have also painted the wiring a suitable weird tan-ish color Ive seen on some of the period pics, and made a start of wiring one of the engines –




Then I just glue them in 1 by 1 around the ring with jeweler’s tweezers -




Finally, I got all the brass ends glued on for the wiring, but only a little wiring completed on 1 engine –




Tiz all for now lads. Until next time, cheers!

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Terrific work Brian! Those engines look fantastic, and I really like the way the plumbing and fittings have turned out. I'm gonna hafta get me some of your nuts...



OOOOO, that doesn't sound right !LOL. And yes Brian, the engines look stellar ! Great work.....Harv :popcorn:

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My That’s a mighty fine bunch of porcupines you have made Brian – I am looking forward to this when I finally get around to mine – not :mental:


Loven this and can’t wait for the foil to start to fly – looks like 1/32 multi engines are becoming the new norm – cooooooooool bring um on :thumbsup:


Happy days – Taff :D


And by the way I also like your nuts! :rofl:

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Guest Peterpools


Fantastic progress on the radials and totally time consuming but the are looking fantastic

Keep 'em coming

:popcorn: :popcorn:

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