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Foiled HKM B-25J Strafer - 345th BG Air Apaches - Lady LiL


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Brian, when you get your RFI photos sorted out, send them to me too! We'll publish it as a separate gallery in the Articles section.





Will do K1. I attempted today, but the rain nixed that. It was real cloudy today too, and at 6:30 AM CDT here, still appears to be spitting and dark. Hopefully the weather will break today or the next few days and Ill do just that.



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Cannot wait to see some photos of The Lady, she looks resplendent in that scheme! Bravo, a wonderful build to watch.


Thanks Frank! Very generous of you to say. It was a great build to work on, but cant wait to move on and get back to building. :)





Brian, again.... i have to say: fantastic!!!


Liked the stratfer looks... i have one glass nose.....


i think it will go to the bench soon.....


any or a must have tip?




Thanks very kindly Shep. :D Nice of you to say, as your builds have been QUITE stunning!



As to hints and tips, check out my build review of the HKM B-25:





The only things I can see as I indicated in the review, that really should be replaced even if building OOB (glass nose OR strafer as they have the exact same issues) are:


  • props/governors
  • resin wheels
  • AM decals
  • G-Factor white brass gear

Other than that, I think HKM did a fantastic job!

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Guest Martinnfb

I just bumped into this fantastic build Brian and it is time to bring it up to the light. Fantastic work My Friend!



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