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Welcome to LSP's new forums!

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LSP community,


The staff here is proud to bring you this new discussion board. Be sure to explore the Help, My Assistant, and My Controls panels to get a feel for what is possible. Lots of cool features.


LSP STAFF and Moderators

Any posts by a member with "LSP_" in front of their name is an LSP Staff member or moderator. Ask these folks for help if you need it. While this board may seem a bit much, it's easy to use and much more flexible and fun.


In the Works

This feature has moved to the forums! Now you can post progress shots of your latest work right to the boards! Look here for a primer/guide to picture posting.


Traders Board

Look here for the place to trade, sell, and buy 1/32 and above!


Again, welcome to the new boards, and don't be shy about asking questions and snooping around. Now get out there and talk large scale!



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LSP Community:


I just wanted to add my two cents to the new forums look. At first, I wasn't excited about it as I, like most, hate change. However as we played with this new format it became increasingly clear that this new site is much more user friendly. Just take the time to log on, and don't be afraid to experiment and ask questions.


As Brad, Chris and Steve can atest, this computer doofus even found picture posting to be easy. Now that is a testament in itself as I have plenty of difficulty with that. I ended up flooding these guys with some shots in short order.


So, the point is, keep an open mind, don't get discouraged, and practice with this new format. I hope that you will get comfortable with it soon.


And by the way, other changes will begin to pop up as Brad, Chris and others continue their work reformating LSP. Remember also, that without our sponsors, much of what you are seeing wouldn't be happening. Maybe send them an e-mail thanking them for their continued support from the modelers of larger scale aircraft!




Mark Proulx

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This really is easy!! I added my signiture and the photo below my name which I have never done on a board before, very easy!! I haven't had to resort to the help files yet...who want's to read instructions first #>rolleyes.gif

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This is actually a great forum system, once you get used to it (like all change #>smile.gif ), but I got just one question to the staff here: Is "violative" really a word?


In all seriousness though, thanks for all the work you guys are doing.


Mark B.

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This new forum looks GREAT! Now if only the rest of the plastic modeling sites would just follow suit... #>wink.gif


Question for the admins here:

Would it be possible to enlarge the allowable size of the avatar?


Most of the forums I frequent that use this format allow anywhere from 84 to 150 pixles square. With the avatar only 64 pixles wide, it is dificult to really see what is there (especially if the avatar is a sample of one's work displayed there).


Just curious.




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how do I change the 'newbie' tag ? I want it to read 'miserable old fart' or do I have to post a zillion times for it to automatically change me to obi wan kenobi

very slick forum BTW!



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