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John B

I am in with 1/32 Revell F-14A Tomcat with help from Tamiya.

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I had built a Tamiya 1/32 F-14 with the gear up and an resin cockpit awhile back. So I had some extra parts leftover from that build doing nothing but gathering dust. Since I have some skills, I decided to update Revell's kit with some parts and stretch my modeling skills a little bit. I am experiencing technical difficulties downloading my pictures. I will see if I can get that fixed ASAP.


John B

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Here are some in progress shots. It's a start, I have the intakes on and the forward fuselage figured out. More pics to follow. I am going on vacation tomorrow for my father's 90th birthday in Bradenton Florida. Will be back at the bench next week.



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Here is some more work done




I have opened the fan blade area so I can install them from the other

side, it will make painting the inside of the intakes white easier and

closer to the real thing.




This is the front wheel bay from the Tamiya kit that will be used for the Revell kit.

The center piece will still be required for the Tamiya Resin cockpit set.

I put together a plastic-card base that will be used for the well whell roof with

slots to accept the Tamiya well.

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Good stuff John!


This is an interesting kit-bash and you're being really creative with your solutions. Show us more!

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More cutting and thrashing the parts into submission.


Tamiya cockpit parts being utilized for the forward- hood

and after-hood. The Revell sections were removed. Miliput

will help fare all parts in later. The after console is stock Revell

part that has been cut into sections much like the Tamiya part.

Got Waldron Punch?, you bet.


Here is the forward well being checked for fit.

I had to add plastic shims to make the well butt

up under the cockpit floor for a tight fit.


I just had to sand the surface of the Revell well area to accept

the Tamiya parts. No Sweat!


The area aft of the well will be extended so it can accept

the hydraulic actuator for the forward gear later. That area

will be cut out of the Revell fuselage and plastic card will be

utilized to re-build it to match-up with the forward well.

I hope I'm not rambling too much here.





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Well it has been awhile since I last posted. My free-time schedule for hobby stuff was cut way back due to work, Holidays and my father's passing.

Here are some progress pics of what I have completed so far. The first pic is the intakes getting prep'd for the coating of Kilz / Denatured alcohol / water mix.

I saw this method posted I think on ARC, it was a Dave Roof tip and I thought I would give it a go. It wokred okay, but I think due to the size of the intake, it took a lot of applications. Each application requires a little more time to dry before moving to the other intake. If you don't you will pour out the previously poured paint from the other intake. So it added up to a lot of time for drying.


post-4708-1231105553.jpg post-4708-1231105650.jpg post-4708-1231106015.jpg

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Greetings again,

This picture shows the forward fuselage fared in with miliputt. I had to cut

the height of the turtleback to get it to line up without a huge step between

the aft fuselage joint.


Here is a different angle showing the hinge attachment part from the Tamiya kit

attached. It fit to the Revell fuselage with minimal adjustments made.


Scratch-built forward wheel well, I wish my camera was more hi-tech

It really is hard to show all the detail added with styrene and wire.


Main wheel wells, widened, scratch-built, you can see the widened area

aft of the well fared with the aft fuselage area. Again milliputt to the rescue.


Forward fuselage with steps and boarding ladder cut out and boxed in.


I am currently getting the landing gear, ejections seats detailed up and painted

The fuselage, tails and the stabs are ready for the paint shop to apply the white for

the VF-1 1974 paint scheme. I will be using Cam decals.


I will try to get more pictures up in the near future. Thanks for all comments.


John B

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Well, I don't think I will make the deadline this time unless it gets extended by the powers that be. My bird is all glossed up and ready for decals at this point.

Here are some new pics from the bench. All in all it wasn't that big of a stretch to meld the Tamiya parts with the Revell kit. Just a little trimming here and there. I am real happy with the landing gear, the Revell gears were just awful compared to the Tamiya kit. I will try to post more of those later.

As far as the group build went, Fantastic builds going on by some very talented people out there. I was totally impressed and humbled by some of the great work done.















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