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SBD-3 Dauntless

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Hi all,

i finally found the time to start my Trumpeter Dauntless. This will be an early SBD-3 in a simple blue - grey scheme. The kit seems to be very nice, no major fit issues so far and the detail is great! Trumpeter didn't delivered the option, to open the cowls for the rear gun. From what i know, they should be opend if the gun is up. In this case i decided to open them by myself.
Here are some pics of my work so far.

The cowls were removed and replaced by some tiny alu sheets which came from a Red Bull can. To get the shape of the fuselage, i bend them around a scalpel handle. Some plastic stripes were attached as well.


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The front side is scratch built. I made a plate with three holes in it, attached from the backside a left over "Instrument Film" from my Trump. Corsair, painted it white on the backside and glued it to the kit part which were sanded down first thing.

That's all so far. Hope you like it.


@ Hacker,
thanks for the tip, but this one will be mostly OOB with some scratched parts, like the gun cowl behind the cockpit.


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Hehe, after I finally got the latest "Model Fan" today, I asked myself "what is doing Chris right now?". Now my question is answered :rolleyes:


Out of box, it should be a rather easy job I suppose, but the detail already looks excellent the way it is provided, judging by the pics.

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I'm so proud of you. Something without a cross on it or that which ends in nine! I look forward to seeing what your magical skills with a brush can turn this into. Good to see you back.



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