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Found 9 results

  1. OK - I know I have a lot of other things going on - but I've wanted to do a model of this subject since the '80s - and this will be a relatively 'quick-build' conversion using some test prints from our very own Tim Perry - aka @wunwinglow Please note THESE ARE TEST PRINTs and the purpose of the build is to trial the conversion and give any necessary feedback to Tim. Tim has kindly agreed to let me share the test build here - but please note these are not 'production' items yet, or a complete set - and Tim is still to decide if/how he wants to market these - so please don't hassle him just yet!! However, please feel free to chip in with feedback/thoughts/interest in this thread so that Tim can evaluate response. I know he's spent a lot of time on these perfecting the shapes in Rhino - and printing using two technologies, using the benefits of each to maximum effect. I'll post some more detailed images over the weekend, but the larger parts are printed in HIPS (so fully compatible with normal kit plastic) using FDM machines. Detail parts are printed using the far more expensive, but far higher resolution, SLA resin process. 2250 Tanks are vacced in female moulds using a very clever process that results in the best vac quality I've seen. Parts breakdown etc. may vary from what you see here if they become commercially available. Colour scheme on this one - I'm still pondering - but leaning towards 23, or 25 Squadrons at present. Will start cutting up one of the spare Revell kits at the weekend - and have a few detail parts on the way in the post. Photo below is Tim's 'test mule' using earlier versions of his parts that he's kindly lent me for comparison/reference: Blue skies! Iain
  2. I present to you the relatively new 32ari kit of italeri painted in the anniversary variant presented by RAF at Marham air base in 2019 but with extra the armament of the 6 brimstone, the one gbu-12 and the litening. I did use the following matterials: Decal:Xtra Decal 32070 Seat:Quickboost Wheels:Eduard P.E:Eduard Mask:Eduard Pitot:Master ASRAAM:Eduard Brimstone:Eduard Boz-107:Eduard Sky Shadow"Eduard I hope you like it! Comments and remarks welcome !!!
  3. Another one, being done sort of in parallel with my 13yo son’s 1/32 Revell GR. Extras purchased/used so far Quickboost seats, Airscale cockpit instruments, Spencer Pollard build guide. Cockpit done. I know the kit seats are excellent but I just can never make p.e belts look good and I think the resin just look way better.
  4. Build thread here: I’m declaring today. I lost my metal pitot (grrr) so the kit one is in kind of droopy while I wait for replacement from Poland! Also added an Eduard Litening pod, apart from that and the Quickboost seats it’s out of the box. I need a way of doing the det cord but am too scared to try by hand. Might try and find some decals for the seats as surprisingly kit didn’t have any. Hope some of my worse modelling sins aren’t too obvious! Natural light on the parking stand base
  5. Well i finally got there, ive managed to source all of the bits i need to start this project so heres what ive got Kit Airscale cockpit instruments decals Resin seats (may not use these depends on the kit ones) Litining pod (thanks to wunwinglow) both the xtradecal and fantasy print shop decals (thanks to Phartycroc and Scotsman) also im tempted with the storm shadow's from the Revell typhoon i have spare metal pitol as for the exact aircraft, the plan is for ZA614 in the special livery, this is a photo i took a few years ago at RAF Coningsby all i have to do now is clear the bench so a few days before i start, and dont expect a fast build, im working 40+hrs a week on nights as a Nurse, more when i can
  6. Well guys shes finally done, sadly the display base from costal kits still hasnt arrived. Big thanks to all who helped and offered advice in the build I present Italeri's 1/32 Tornado GR4, with xtradecal decals, mastercasters seats, and pitol
  7. Hi Everyone Here is the subject. A Gulf War Tornado F3. This project has been lingering on the shelf of doom since 2003 and I decided it is time to finish it. I had an extra Revell 1/32 Tornado (long story) and after reading Desert Fist by Ian Black, I decided a Tornado F3 would look good in 1/32. Ian was a F3 pilot in the first gulf war and the majority of the photos in the book was F3 photos. This looked like an easy conversion at the time , but as each stage progressed, the problems to solve became a little more difficult. I used photos from the book to measure the plugs to be inserted and then proceeded to cut and paste the model. When I later got the proper measurements from another publication, I had to revise the plugs slightly. I also lend the book to someone, and then could not remember whom it was. Eventually about a year ago I decided it is now time to finish the beast. The idea was to do all the changes applicable to the F3 and keep the detail of the rest of the kit OOB. These are the basic changes to the kit. The nose was cut from a plastic card block turned in a power drill . Here it is primed and next to the GR1 nose. More to follow soon. Nick
  8. I had time today to progress my Tornado. I almost always use Xtracrylix and up to now have never had any paint issues. However I sprayed the model DSG and brought it inside to go off (freezing in the garage). I came back to it a couple of hours later and saw this brown stain patching effect all over the model. Any ideas or habve you seen this before? Steve.
  9. Hello ModelMakers, Here is a kit that i did 2 years ago. Revell 1/32 Panavia Tornado, OOB, paint is Gunze I hope you guys like it
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