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Found 10 results

  1. Not strictly a Large Scale Plane I know, but it's certainly large... therefore I thought you folks may be interested in this... Sanger had been promising to release a 1/48th B-52 for a number of years, and kept teasing me whenever I visited the website with a message that stated the model was under construction but nothing more - I must confess I began to question whether it would ever actually be released. However, last year it was finally ready to purchase so I took the plunge and ordered one. Any version of the venerable B-52 can be modelled, ranging from the early tall-tailed vers
  2. Hey everyone. As I get close to finishing my Pirate I shift my efforts to my new build. Next up a Scorpion. But not your ordinary, garden variety Scorpion. Oh no, can't do that. I have always been fascinated by the proposed "Advanced Scorpion". So here goes. You have to start somewhere so I will be starting with the Tigger Models F-89D. The plastic is thick, by Vac standards, and should stand up to all of the changes that I will be making. Here is the vac fuselage next to a 1:32 drawing of the F-89F. Whats dif
  3. I've been working on this on and off for the last few months and have finished it off this week. I've used the classic Revell 1/48th B-17F kit and coupled it with Koster's vacformed beautiful early Fortress conversion set. This comprises a new rear fuselage with the distinctive 'shark fin', a new early nose and cockpit transparency as well as other various vacformed clear parts, along with some additional air intakes for the early oil cooler set up - all in all a very comprehensive conversion set. You have to undertake other mods to the Revell kit such as shortening the nose (the
  4. A new WIP, a rare subject and an even rarer kit. I have always had a thing for this jet. Its unique look has always intrigued me. I built the Collectaire kit in 1/48th scale about 15 years ago and it turned out ok. But hopefully I can do a better job this time around. I bought this 2 years ago off of Ebay. I didn't even know that this kit existed until I saw it online. This is a homemade Vacform made by an LSP member. I wonder how many he made, just how rare this is. Did he made 20, or only 5?? No, I don't know where I will display it when I am done. I am hoping to hav
  5. Back in the days before the internet , when we had to look at books for refferences , after market was virtually nil , an amazing man produced a quite limited kit of the Lightning in 1/32 scale. OK Yes it was Vacform , but it was superb. I was a teenager and was looking through scale aircraft modelling magazine and saw an ad for said kit. I had to have one. My Dad drove me from Essex to Maidenhead to get one from the Man himself , Frank Brown. He was a very friendly man. He showed me some built up ones and also the most gobsmackingly good solid resin fuselage with white metal inserts. I belie
  6. As my Nieuport Sesquiplane is nearing completion and whilst Tamiya's X-22 gloss varnish dries off (what a fantastic product ! Beats hands down any floor polish ), I have decided to start another project. I must be a glutton for punishment, as I have chosen another vac-form kit. But whilst the AirCraft kit was well engineered, this one is from Combat Models and promises to be a more ... manly endeavour . I have chosen a difficult subject, with plenty of struts, a parasol wing, floats, large transparent areas, a landing gear, a visible single P&W R-985 Wasp Jr engine... Plenty of re
  7. Here is my latest, done as an entry in the "Between the wars" GB. After WWI, France was the leading nation in aeronautics, and this lead was demonstarted by a series of speed world records in the early 20s, by manufacturers such as SPAD, or Nieuport. France was also the place where major international races took place, one of the most famous being the Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe. After an initial domination by SPAD, Nieuport took the lead with a number of record planes based on their Nieuport 29, which arrived too late for the Great War, but was the main fighter of the French air Force i
  8. Now this a Group Build I could not avoid participating in, in spite of the fact that I am incredibly poor at delivering anything, whether it is a group build or a "standard" build. But, as this is me era of predilection, and I have been a proponent of the theme, the least I could do was to show my support and participate ... I had to make choices in the (ever-extending) stash, and I went for the esoteric : a vac-formed model of a French racer and record plane : the Nieuport Sesquiplan In the early 20s, this aircraft has beaten a number of speed records, in the hands of the famous
  9. First off, I blame Tom Probert for this... but as you can see I have now started a Combat Models Martin Mars, it's big with a 34" wing span. Lots of bracing was needed for the fuselage structure but sadly I got lost in the moment and never took any photos. It is solid as a rock now though, just two areas you can push the plastic in but it doesn't matter as it should never break. The plastic was wafer thin so I doubled up on the inside with plasticard cut out in various shapes and then glued it in, then added the bracing over the top of that. I am not detailing the inside much as I will co
  10. Spotted a link to this on Britmodeller - scroll down and on the right under "Latest News". http://combatmodels.us/home I'm trying to imagine the size - I've done the Testors 1:48 and that's big enough.
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