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Found 10 results

  1. So I see a few of the ongoing B-17 build threads are getting bumped back into the forums, which is a good thing, but it's finally given me the incentive to "get my B-17 on!" There's some very talented people some some great work on these awesome kits and it does seem they have to potential to overwhelm you very easily if you aren't careful. So clearly I'm not, so here's the plan. Take one HK B-17G and with some fairly major surgery, attempt to turn it into something resembling a D. Yes, I know a lot of you right now are questioning my sanity in wanting to cut up a fairly expensive kit wit
  2. Hi all After lurking in the shadows, I've eventually got my act together and am starting a post regarding my first build here on LSP . I've built quite a few kits, but this one is going to be my first in the public domain.....I know that there is an "In the Navy" GB going on, but I'm not sure I'll make the deadline for that GB, so didn't post this there. It's going to be a kitbash of the Hasegawa and Trumpeter Hellcats - if it goes that far - but my plan is to use the Hasegawa fuselage mated to the Trumpeter wings, as both kits IMO have their good and bad points. I've got a fair bi
  3. OK, Proof of concept is complete. I have the patience and skill to build large scale planes from scratch. So without pause, I'm back at it with the Bearcat. It's not exactly starting today but it has now moved into #1 in the queue , so let's "Get it on". There is some history in other threads, some of which crashed due to the Photobucket hosting issues, but I'm just going to start fresh here with this thread and take it from here. To recap: I have done a considerable amount of work on the engine and landing gear using 3D designs I made so much of that is already behind me. I'm actually
  4. Alright! Woo Woo! After 6 pretty intense months and probably 400 hours, I'm calling this one done. It's my first large scale plane I've completed, which is something since I've started 3 or 4 over the years only to end in nothing. It's kind of mixed emotions thing now that it's done. I've been really hard on myself to keep the quality and accuracy maximized while at the same admitting I'm new and exploring and learning and failing all along the way. It's like a crash, I've worked really really hard to hide. The Fury is a great subject for scratch, a great plane to begin with, and a gem in the
  5. This is my scratchbuilt Hanriot HD.2 I built for a group build on WW1aircraftmodels.com. The only commercially made parts are the engine (WNW), machine guns (Eduard), and instrument face decals (Airscale). Enjoy!
  6. Hello my fellow modeling and scratchbuild. I made a project of the Swedish fighter Saab Gripen E that was chosen to equip the combat fleet of the Brazilian Air Force. Much of this design was developed on CorelDraw on the 1/25 scale based on official plant and manufacturer photos. Later I took the design file in CorelDraw to cut polystyrene plastic and MDF wood. In the case of wood I actually did a test if it would be convenient, to employ in my project. To begin with I made a model of the wheels in plastic and copied in two pieces in resin EasyFlow 60 to which I got a great
  7. Hello friends, I am building an Embraer KC-390 freighter in scratchbuild and would like to disclose it to friends. I am from January in the assembly and the phase is of finalization, I will dispose some photos but in the next days I publish more. It is available for questions and criticism. The model is being constructed in polystyrene plasticard, with sections cut to the laser. Thank you! Hercules de Araujo from Brasil Thats all!
  8. As my Nieuport Sesquiplane is nearing completion and whilst Tamiya's X-22 gloss varnish dries off (what a fantastic product ! Beats hands down any floor polish ), I have decided to start another project. I must be a glutton for punishment, as I have chosen another vac-form kit. But whilst the AirCraft kit was well engineered, this one is from Combat Models and promises to be a more ... manly endeavour . I have chosen a difficult subject, with plenty of struts, a parasol wing, floats, large transparent areas, a landing gear, a visible single P&W R-985 Wasp Jr engine... Plenty of re
  9. Heloo guys. Im working in a scratchbuild all made in aluminium and plastic, plus size! Scale 1/45 and will present to you on this photos, soon I will post more pics ok. Thanks so much!!
  10. G'day guys, I've never really had much of a look at the group build section of this forum, but seeing as my next project is a conversion of Revell's Sea Venom to a RAAF T.35 Vampire, I figured this would be as good a time as any to start. This is the two seat version, so I figured that seeing as the Sea Venom was developed from the Vampire, it shouldn't in theory be too hard to go back the other way. I threw out the box top a fair while ago, but for those who haven't seen the kit, it's certainly no modern marvel of kit engineering. I'm not sure how long the kit has been around for, but
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