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  1. Hej Mal, If you need the Tamiya parts, please contact Time Tunnel Models at : http://www.goldstarstockists.net/live/catalog/index.php they will get you the parts you need within a week or two. Mvh Göran i Vallentuna
  2. Hi, Very nice work, keep the updates coming. Rgds Goran
  3. Very nice Dave, Looking forward to the next update Brgds Goran
  4. Hi Andrew, This is from their FAQ: http://www.1999.co.jp/ems.asp Goran
  5. Hi all, Just to let you know: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10114583 Rgds Goran
  6. Hi Nick, Welcome onboard! I´m no experten eighter but they´re the same size as the Eduard ones. Good luck with your 1/32nd scale builds. Brgds Goran
  7. Hi all, Just got my Eduards Bf109E and it looks great! I have only been testfitting the wings and fuselage and glueing the cockpitwalls. The wheelhubs looks a bit shallow to me, I might use the resinwheels from Promodellers G-4. Rgds Goran in Sweden
  8. Hi all, There is new pictures of Eduards Bf109E on their homepage. So what do you guys think? Brgds Goran
  9. Thanks guys, I´ll guess I have to wait then Goran
  10. Hi guys, Is it possible to build a D version from Dragons new Bf 110 C-7? Brgds Goran
  11. Hi Stephan, Here´s a link to MM: http://www.modelingmadness.com/reviews/all...aver/tmch75.htm HTH Goran
  12. Hi Franck, Here they are: http://www.eagle-editions.com/decal104.htm HTH Rgds, Goran
  13. Hi, Love that scheme! Could the lighter colour be RLM02? Rgds Goran Edkvist
  14. Hello, Have a look at this: http://www.datadecals.com.pl/new.php Rgds Goran
  15. Thanks Chris for the picture! I was a bit confused when D Bellis wrote that to make it into a G-2 he had to remove the fuel hose from the starboard cockpit wall! Rgds Goran
  16. Hi, Please explain why you removed the fuel hose! Where it not present in a G-2? Rgds Goran (a bit confused)
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