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  1. Recently I bought the vacu conversion kits from Tigger models. Has anyone ever built these kits or can give me some information? To my opinion both the Hasegawa and the Kinetic Sabre kits are suited as basic kits for the Sabre dog,the T-33 Shooting Star from Czech Models for the F-94. Probably I need different cockpit detail sets. Any information is welcome. Cheers Stephan
  2. stephan

    Sea Vixen

    Thank you very much for this proposal. I`ll cheque whether these drop tanks fit. Cheers Stephan
  3. stephan

    Sea Vixen

    Dear modeler, a friend of mine is just building the Sea Vixen in 1: 32 scale. I remember that the company`s name was panther models or panther production. Right now we are looking for suitable drop tanks. The Firestreak rockets were taken from the Trumpeter Lightning kit. Does anybody know whether there is an aftermarket company which sells suitable drop tanks. Thank you very much for an advice. Cheers Stephan
  4. Hi, I am looking for a more detailed cockpit for the Trumpeter Crusader. I remember that there has been one or two articles and advertisments in the past, can anybody help me? Thank you for an answer. Stephan
  5. Hi, does anybody know about a detailed cockpit for the Trumpeter Crusader? Thank you for an answer and I wish you a happy new year. Stephan
  6. Hi, I like to build a Finnish Curtiss Hawk. Does anybody know whether there is a 1:32 scale kit? Cheers Stephan
  7. Hi, just had some e-mail exchange this and last week, he is on holidays for about two weeks. Hope that might help you. Stephan
  8. Hi, does anyone know what sort of drop tanks are shown in these pictures (which I found on the internet)and perhaps where to buy these tanks? Thank you for an answer. Stephan
  9. stephan

    Sea Venom

    Good evening (at least in Europe), does anybody know whether the aftermarket offers ejection seats for the Sea venom or at least ejections seats which could be converted. The ejection seats of the Revell kit look very poor. Again thanks for any suggestion (some of my japanese planes) Stephan
  10. stephan

    Sea Venom

    Hi, I remember that there was an article of somebody on LSP building the Revell Sea Venom. Cannot find it. Can anybody help me? Thank you Stephan
  11. Okay, the Collect Aire Shooting Star is not an easy kit to build, but nevertheless it is a beautiful kit once it is built. Stephan
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