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  1. Seen it reviewed by some sites but no one seems to have it yet or am I missing something, come on royboy you'll probably know? I suppose I'm just being too anxious but the plane has always been a favourite of mine
  2. does this mean it will be all resin? kinda hoping it will be injection moulded plastic....
  3. having recently got the lovely cougar kit I started to figure out how to make a photo recon nose and attach it to another kit, but, why don't you do it paul its very widely used with some brilliant colour schemes
  4. john i have since discovered that according to a vvs modelling website that the brown i used is not accurate-well none of the colours are really but the brown is the bogey, it appears that most of them had a colour i would describe as a warm grey in place of the earthy brown you can see it here http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/il-2/il-2.htm I might try to repaint mine in that colour, be a bit tricky though, anyway I thought you might like to know this Allan
  5. thanks kev and all the commenters I'm very flattered...
  6. looks great, superb finish, weatherings always an experiment i find, but you nailed it, any probs with the build? Allan
  7. Great finish and building, lovely work, just wish Hasegawa had issued the Razorback too
  8. Hi I used a mix of colours which i took from what i saw around the internet as I couldn't find out any conclusive conversions for the soviet colours into paint ranges so what i settled on was pale blue Revell 49 hellblau green mr colour verdi mimetico n02 brown humbrol 118 interior pale blue grey tamiya xf23 red tamiya flat red just what i thought was right, much as you did with the p-36 colours. I didnt assemble the wings as one piece tops and one piece bottoms, which in hindsight might have been a better way/ easier way to proceed as i only just got away with doing one wing at a time, and had some awkward fettling to do around the inner wing top pieces. The engine is really nice and could be made a feature but the mounts are scale thickness and suffer from being weak, and theres not much to line up the front of the engine to when you assemble the front fuselage-if you get that wrong the prop will be out of kilter. Theres no back plate behind the spinner. However to me it ended up looking the part, the Montex masks were fiddly, if you get them in position they mask well with no paint creep , its just lining them up is the challenge, I've used montex before on a P-47' snortin bull' and they were good, even the serial number worked and theres no comparison to a decal, a brilliant finish. Hope this helps and encourages you, remember she's a big old battlewagon when finished, I'm having storage problems with it already!
  9. thanks petrov chipping is quite straightforward, rattlecan silver on the area desired then dabbed on maskol liquid mask with a small open pored sponge, then painted in usual way and when all is dry rubbed off in the area, i had to use masking tape to remove it though as it had dried quite hard, anyway it just rubs off and you cam weather it like the rest to your taste. Its a fairly easy thing to do but its always best to try out these things first on a scrap kit or surface, the shiny silver isnt right for all aircraft as often the primer is what is exposed but I thought the Soviet finishes were quite worn
  10. Hi just finished the big Stormovik, built mostly out of the box except for the markings which were Montex masks
  11. wolf this is lovely work i have to admire your knowledge of what things are on the engine and the correct colour to render them in-either that or you have a d7 in the garage -great name as well by the way-there arent many wolfs in scotland Allan
  12. thanks lads, it seems fairly straightforward, i had a few nervous moments till i figured out how to jump the hurdles, the piece between the wings on the underside is too long i had to cut it in the middle so the undercarriage bay would line up at the front and the flap area would line up at the back, and if i were to do another one id mould another canopy as the kit one is too thick for 1/32nd scale, the trailing edge of the wing at the fuselage join needed heating and bending to line up properly, that said the rest was ok, the decals are very good. oh and i'd like a lagg3 a la5 and a yak 9 too please if anybody is listening????
  13. Hi heres my latest build of the Alleycat Yak1b fighter, plus a masterbox pilot figure
  14. boulton paul defiant please or a uk phantom or a folland gnat or a sabre d or k or a westland whirlwind / s55
  15. These are the references I took the idea from, didnt quite acheive what i wanted with the lady figure but im learning
  16. Thanks for the flattering comments all
  17. hi thanks for the comments, I think a combination of the weight of the model (weakened the soft undercarriage) and not adequate storage led to bits of it taking a holiday from each other until I finally gave up on it-I still have the very nervous pilot! and at least 4 PCM 202s waiting in line to be built. I dont have adequate space to store/display stuff as I have an office of 6 feet square which i also work as an illustrator from, so there a stack of kits, a mac , a pc and all the man cave stuff and the latest build usually sits on top of my printer until i buy a box to store it, a new office is under way though and I should have space to treat them nicely
  18. Did a conversion to the Swedish fighter version from the kit versions, involved redoing some intakes on the cowl, ammo drums under the wings and cowling gun blisters
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