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  1. jetmech777

    So what about a hybrid Vac/resin kit?

    Supermarine Swift please! I am doing the Falcon1/48 Swift now. Only my second vac. I would welcome a vac/resin in 1/32 scale.
  2. jetmech777

    P-39's please

    Is there a chance of Zotz re- releasing their P-39's in the PTO? I finally got my hands on a Revell P-39D and would like to do Welch's plane from that decal set. I am having no luck finding the sheet available anywhere.
  3. jetmech777

    Has anyone built the MDC Typhoon?

    Thanks for getting in on this Bob. I will send the email again. I am very interested in any and all parts to help out the Revell Typhoon.
  4. jetmech777

    Has anyone built the MDC Typhoon?

    Great question Daywalker. I was going to ask the same thing. The price for the full resin kit is close to the price of a revell kit + upgrades. I was given a revell kit and emailed MDC(over a month ago) about the compatability of their parts and what was available, but never got a reply. I am anxiously awaiting some replys to your question!
  5. jetmech777

    AMS Resin

    Hey Harold, I love your stuff! I was wondering if you will be doing some re-releases of the Kinetic F-86 correction parts and cockpit? It seems a lot of the stuff at MidTenn Hobbies is sold out. Thanks.
  6. jetmech777

    A 'lil Sum'em Sum'em

    Beautiful work on the cockpit!!! I put my Corsair aside waiting with great anticipation for Chris's cowl. Anxious to see how this one turns out.
  7. Thanks all. rafju that picture is awesome! It has the winterized exhaust. I knew they were winterized, I just didn't know what it looked like up close. The video really shows how bad it was there. I need to learn to do mud! At least the question of paint is clarified. I will use straight OD and pile on the yuck from there.
  8. Thanks for the answers guys. I suppose weathering up north would be different. I look forward to the airshow pics. I am going to History channel.com and see if I can find that show. It sounds like a perfect visual reference. It just seemed odd to me that in drawings and diecast models etc, the paint seemed a different shade. The Baracudacals I have calls for regular OD.
  9. I have a Hasegawa 1/32 P-40E that is next in line to do. I bought aftermarket Aleutian Tiger decals for it. I noticed ,while looking at references, that the upper camo color appears to be a different(darker) shade of OD. Is there a different spec for the OD used in Alaska? If it is a different shade, who makes it in paint? While I'm at it, is there anything else I should be aware of for this kit or Aleutian P-40's? Thanks.
  10. jetmech777

    Which F4U to start with?

    Grizly, That sure looks like a fine Corsair to me.
  11. jetmech777

    Which F4U to start with?

    Thanks rafju for the breakdown. I agree with your assessment. It sounds like there may be a new cowling with cowl flaps in process(see thread on this site). I think the true details cockpit is a winner. It is sounding like I'm going to have to borrow from one of my old built Revell Corsairs or get another Revell kit on the cheap to rob parts out of. I'm thinking of Lone star wheels(diamond tread). No new motor. Is it not a good idea to use the Mastercasters cowl flaps? If I rob a cowling, I would like to put these resin ones on. What about the metal gear legs? It would be fantastic for an aftermarket company to come up with complete correction sets for each of the available kits. I think they would sell like hotcakes. I always hope for the impossible. Of course by the time I get this project near completion....Tamiya or someone else will drop an all new kit. That is how it goes. I always have room for another Corsair though.
  12. jetmech777

    Trumpy F4U Corsair Cowling

    I'm gathering "stuff" for a near future Corsair build and would be more than willing to request a corrected cowling from whomever takes on this project.
  13. jetmech777

    Which F4U to start with?

    That was my thought also on the Revell Corsair. I think I would still need to get the Lone star flaps and wells. I am hesitant to do the flaps as you did so well on yours. If I decide for sure on a Trumpeter kit. What would be the must do's or must replace items for that kit. I know about the forward gear doors and cowl flaps. I think I might cut the cockpit floor and maybe add some Eduard etch. I would like to make the Corsair nice but, as I hit another brick wall with my current project, I need it to be do-able.
  14. jetmech777

    Which F4U to start with?

    Thanks for the info Charles.
  15. jetmech777

    Which F4U to start with?

    Allok, that is one masterful build! That is why I came here with the question. There is some seriously skilled builders over here. If I could get a Corsair to look half as good as the ones on LSP,I would be proud to put it on the mantle. Thanks for looking into your decals LSP Ray. Allok's build makes me rethink another Revell kit. That amount of scratchbuilding though is too much for me. I still want to have fun. Modelling is my escape and needs to not be tedious or frustrating like my last couple of builds.