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  1. to all, a happy new year with good vibes on largescaleplanes forum i post some photo's from my bomber aimer figure i did scratch a lofte7 and almost finished my aimerbed i hope like it
  2. yes i wil, post more, for the moment i 'm building the interieur from a heinkel and start with sculpting the pilot. greetings
  3. hello everybody i did find in a secondhand shop a flower vase who was the right size for my cockpit from a Heinkel i did make a vacuumform of it , i did watch on you tube how i must make it my self it worked very well the last 3 pictures are how the position for the figure is in the vase. greettjes lieven
  4. he chrish, do you have scale planes on 1/10?:)) the figure is on scale 1/10 and yes i'm thinking to sculpt the crew on that scale, but first the finishing the bomber aimer greetings lieven
  5. hello , i'm new on this forum, i 'm not a modeler but i'm a sculptor. so many of you ask, what is he doing on this forum? well, i'm searching for detail foto's or detail drawings from the bomber aimer compartment. on the internet you can find a lot of foto's from the cockpit interior from a Heinkel 111 always taken from behind the pilot. but never on sideway. you can find foto's from the cockpit out side where you can see the bomber bed but never in details. so the question for you all, can someone help me with some foto's , drawi
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