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  1. Second that. In regards to the price tag asked for this conversion I would prefer to have the manufacturer do the revision of the canopy. This area of the build is a focal point of interest and would deserve a perfect fitting canopy given to the customer. Don´t get me wrong: I fully appreciate your effort doing this conversion set. Nonetheless a new vac or even resin canopy should be offered to rectify this.
  2. John, thank you so much, means a lot for me! No, I think it just helps to spray some plain water around the desk with a spray flacon: the water particles bind the dust in the air and on the desk for some time. But don´t wet your kit when spraying the water...
  3. Got Henri´s prop set my self and it is beyond words! Excellent build so far, Warbird! I never before have seen such a clean rivet job. Stunning!
  4. Not sure about the mud on the top engine bearers, but all in all you are doing a fantastic job! Really a joy to follow!
  5. The same place the main fuel tank was on a Corsair...
  6. Woohaa! That looks gorgeous! Now go and start one of your 1/32 conversions!
  7. Don´t forget to have a look at the new AMMO line from MIG...
  8. Was a pleasure to meet you and your Jumo in FFH and Fürsty! Very interesting to see your "in progress" shots. Amazing Job, Chris!
  9. Without having proof but with the sway braces this close to the fuselage I would take a guess that the Schloss could be inside the lower fuselage. No fairing outside to minimize drag. But this only is guesswork until someone comes up with more information here.
  10. What´s on my bench? Too much, mate... Thanks for your explanation, Bernd. It´s never too late to learn something. And now go and post more pictures! I would love to see them! ;-)
  11. A fantastic looking cockpit! Congrats! Any comments on your way to paint it?
  12. Spectacular hits the nail on the head! David, this is the best I have seen so far, excluding your Super Tiger, of course! A pleasure to admire!
  13. Browsing scans of the original manuals those minutes I see that a "Schloss 503" is mentioned for the drop tank. So far I could not find more information or a picture of this Schloss in the scanned manuals. DeutscheLuftwaffe.de has a picture of this Schloss 503: http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.de/Flugzeuge/Jeager/Me109K/Cockpit/gross/Fl%2027121.jpg Found it on this page (German text): http://www.deutscheluftwaffe.de/Flugzeuge/Jeager/Me109K/Cockpit/Analyse/Hauptseite.htm
  14. I am indeed not surprised to see the expected negative and whiningly comments on Zoukei-mura and their kits by someone who could not stop praising the same kits in "unbiased" reviews as long he got samples from this company, but no is spreading "negative waves" against ZM after they stopped sending samples out to him. What a laugh. So, thanks to Rog and others for stepping in. Thankfully LSP is open for all kinds of opinions and comments.
  15. Having build their Horten and with the Skyraider and Ta 152H-1 under construction I only can confirm this. Never judge a company by their very first kit.
  16. We at Spamodeler have been send a "preview" of the coming English version of the newest Old Man´s Blog from Zoukei-mura´s HQ. In regards to the Ta 152H-0 it reads: Also some information to the Dornier Do 335 is given, which will also have transparent parts as Zoukei-mura did the Horten, as requested by modellers who asked for this feature on the Do 335, to: A full and more precise translation of the Old Man´s Blog will be published soon.
  17. Rick, this is better than a real one! Congrats for this master piece!
  18. Just want to add a full translation of the sentence given in this German document. It reads: "Evolution and trial of a camouflage for use in the Mediterranean: (Evolution) finished and documented in S-Report dated November, 10th, 1943. Shade of colour 83 dark blue in connection with colour 72 black green for sea planes and colour 70 dark green for land based planes suggested for introduction." I think it could be important to see that the introduction was suggested, not confirmed here. There might be single aircraft having been painted in dark blue, but maybe only for testing this colour? The Allies did thousands of pictures of German equipment, I would be surprised they all missed a squadron of sea blue German aircraft. To me, without any offence to any opinion posted here, it still has been a trial, but no introduction. HTH
  19. Welcome to the dark side, John! The Merkava has it´s own special "flair". Taking a seat and watching.
  20. Better than my first dozen Panzer kits! Like!!
  21. Superb news, John! Wonder on which place my pre-order is? Going to spend some money soon, me thinks!
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