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  1. Fantastic Instrument panel!!! some pictures of a fresh factory "B/C" Mustang cheers
  2. terrific job Peter, cockpit is coming along so real, can't get enough of your updates!!! I have some doubts about the radio rack being painted in green, on "D" models were painted black, kind hard to find clear pictures of that area or even in color on "B" models since it is so hidden but managed to get one at least from wwII era, also "Lopes's Hope" restoration looks like it is black as well. cheers
  3. what's the name of that paradise? any link or website? simply amazing cheers
  4. great job Bruce, it's coming along very nice, great attention to detail, I also started transforming the "D" revell to a "B" but my project is stopped at the moment, how are you going to render the inner wing leading? I used milliput and works fine. I have also NAA blueprints for the "B" if you vere need any document pleas ask freely looking forward your progress. cheers
  5. Hi Tolga , please check Olivier's 357Th "Missouri Armada" thread, you will find many useful information for your build! https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235029538-missouri-armada-p-51d-mustang-documents-and-partial-scratch-from-the-tamiya-148-kit/&page=13 cheers Antonio
  6. Hi Tolga, nice start mate, love the 357th colors! "in the name of accuracy " I would like to advise you that the panel under the wing fuel tanks was left bare metal without putty like the landing gear covers cheers Antonio A.
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