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  1. Did the D kit loaded out about seven years ago. No problem at all.
  2. I'm getting 2. One will be a Marine and the other a Fleet Air Arm. What needs to be done to turn one into an FAA Corsair?
  3. Thanks for the posotive comments guy's. I appreciate it. I will be adding a drop tank to it in a day or two that a friend of mine made for me. I will add updated pics.
  4. I agree about the LANTIRN also, I would love to put that on my C model, but I don't think that would be accurate, from what I was able to get from the Isradecal book and other sources the C model didn't carry the LANTIRN. It used the PAVE PENNY to spot the laser from the LANTIRN working along side the D model. Isradecal book doesn't have any pics with the C carrying a LANTIRN.
  5. I finished this a few month's ago and I didn't put it on here for inspection. So here it is now. 1/32 Tamiya F-15E converted to F-15I Ra'am using the Cutting Edge conversion, Isradecal F-15I decals, Isracast Python 4, Cutting Edge Lantirn Pod, Cutting Edge AIM-120 AMRAAM. The base is half inch plywood with clear acrylic rods going through the exhaust nozzles. I bent the rods into a curve after having them in the oven at 250 degrees for about ten minutes. Israeli flag patch and 69 squadron patch on the base. The base was painted with a tan textured spray paint to give it kind of desert look. Added an F-15 Drop Tank that a friend of mine made for me. It is solid resin cast with brass rod's inserted into drilled holes. holes drilled into the center line pylon. Super glued in. I was debating about putting 2 on it using the wing pylons, but it just seemed to much. It is way way better than the Tamiya Drop tanks. Here are some close up before mounting on the kit
  6. I actually got my Isracast SUFA conversion to fit just about perfect, haven't had any problem with mine, but, I also have the F-16D BARAK conversion and the forward top fuselage on the D is horrible. I don't know why the SUFA one is great with no problems while the D is a pain in the ass. I could even see the D wasn't cast as good as the SUFA one. Maybe the casting mold was breaking down for the later castings and I got a good early SUFA casting before it started to break down. So I'm going to use most of the D conversion and decals to build a Israeli Block 40 F-16C.
  7. I have all the stuff together for an Israeli The Scorpion Squadron F-16C back in 2000. Decided to see if the Pave Penny was out there in 32nd. I don't need it, just thought it would look cool on a loaded up Israeli viper. According to the Isradecal book F-16C/D in IAF service, the pod was in use even in 2000 and beyond. I don't know if it's still in use today though. Ben
  8. Is there a 32nd pave penny laser spot tracker for an F-16C out there?
  9. I can only hope I will be able to build mine that good. That's a show stopper there.
  10. Thanks Derek, Appreciate the quick reply. here's hoping we can get an FG/FGR one way or another in 1/32.
  11. Any updates on this. Would love to get my hands on British Phantom conversion.
  12. Will you be making more F-15 Exhaust nozzles? I sent you a message asking a few minutes ago. Didn't think to ask here?
  13. Yes it does. Thank you
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